Tuesday, September 24, 2013

College Colors Day

We had College Colors Day at the end of August to kick off Football Season. 

 My Controller, my VP of Accounting and my CFO are longhorns.  A couple of my Aggie co-workers agreed to help me Aggify their week.

Last year I put personalized signs on their doors and my CFO had told me he was going to take his time to plan his revenge. I didn't really think he would do anything...he is super busy and commutes in from Austin.  Well, I was wrong!!! He apparently spent a good amount of time planning out how to decorate my office.

Here is what I walked into on Friday.....
Reville's have been sawed off.  How sad is that.
They also filled a bucket with that confetti so it would drop on my head when I walked in.

There was so much stuff on my ceiling, I didn't even notice the long horns hanging over my head until I sat down. 

Thought this was hilarious!!!
It was such a fun prank, but now I am scheming for next year.  Let me know if you have any good ways to get him back!!!!

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~Psalm 139:14