Thursday, September 19, 2013

August - September 2013 House Update

You may remember that back in April, I mentioned that we moved and are building a new house.  Well Houston's housing market is EXPLODING!!! Since April, we have met with our architect and finalized our house plans, we have picked out all interior and exterior selections with the exception of interior paint. 

In the month of August/September, the old house finally got demoed!  I had been anxiously waiting to see the house get demolished and they worked so fast that it literally came down in 3 hours!  Alex drove  up one night to say "hi" to the lot and saw the giant caterpillar.  It looked so menacing and we were excited to see ANY activity at the house.

Old house before getting demolished

Demo day -- September 3rd

Good bye old house!

This little guy jack hammered the foundation!

Now, our plans are sitting with the city and the board of our HOA awaiting approval and then they can break ground!  We still have a long way to go, but are really enjoying the process so far!!  This being our first custom build, we didn't really know how to put a timeline on it, so we thought January 2014 was reasonable,  but it is looking more like July/August we still have some time.  But I am loving every minute of it!!

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