Thursday, September 5, 2013

The remainder of our time at the Dominican

In order to ensure that I ever finish these posts, I am going to combine the rest of the time into this post.  :)  Get ready to be overloaded with pictures!

Day 4:
We finished up our construction this day, as well as visiting another nutrition center called Los Perez.  The church at Los Perez was in the beautiful blue building.  We played "Duck, duck, Goose" and "Slaps" with the kids and served them lunch.  These kids have the most beautiful faces....I could stare at it all day.

Church at Los Perez

Beautiful Carolina

Carolina had a whole song that had hand gestures included.

The most beautiful, precious little girl!!!

So cute!

Kelvin played ball with some of the kids -- they were serious competitors.

The church gave the kids "magazines" with a bible story in it.

Friendly Game of Slaps
Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

The man in the back of this pic is the pastor at Los Perez

I can't get enough of all their faces!!

Day 5: We spent the morning and the afternoon doing VBS with two neighborhoods, and went to Las Brisas during lunch to serve lunch.  The pics below tell all about our time with the kids.  We did crafts.  They LOVED the face painting.  We had story time and song time, and we played games with them. 

Feeding the 5,000 - that is Pastor Medina in the picture.

Relay Race in progress

GET READY FOR YOUR HEART TO MELT AT THE NEXT FOUR PICS.....their eyes tell the story so beautifully

Jaylan and Rebecca were the Face Painters for the day

This is Lenae.  She is a missionary through G.O. and a wonderful wonderful person.  She is engaged to Isais and they are getting married in December.  It was such a joy to get to know her this week!  Love you Lenae!

All the ladies and their Gatos!

Medinas Church had SO MANY KIDS!!!

Day 6: On Sunday Morning we went to church at Central Church and heard Pastor Eduard speak.  Worship was one of the best worship experiences I have ever had.  Everyone singing praises to the Lord, in spanish.  It was beautiful.  They sang this song...

Quiero levantar a ti mis manos  [I want to lift up my hands]

Maravilloso Jesús [Marvelous Jesus]

Milagroso señor [Miraculous Lord]

Llena este lugar con tu presencia [Fill this place with your presence]

Y has descender tu poder a los que estamos aquí [And descend your power to us here]

Creo en ti Jesús..... [I believe in you Jesus]

Y lo que haras en mí  [And what you have done in me}

En mí, en mí [In Me, In Me]

( coro) 

Recibe toda la gloria [Receive all the glory]

Toda la honra [All the honor]
Precioso hijo de Dios [Precious son of God] 

// recibe toda la gloria, recibe toda la honra 
precioso hijo de DIOS//.

Listen to it on YouTube.  It is BEAUTIFUL and I could translate most while I was was just so powerful to sing to the Lord in another language.  I can't explain it.
Whole gang dressed to impress for church

After church, we were able to go to an intramural softball game which was cool since they take baseball so seriously there.  We also were able to go see the land that G.O. had acquired recently.  G.O. is building a Sports complex for the Sports Academy.  They will also have a seminary and dormitory for teams.  
Sports Complex Land

YUCCA!!  We ate this a lot!

After going to see the land, we were able to go to a Haitian Soccer Game which was super.

We spent Monday at the beach.  It was GORGEOUS!!!

We had lunch on the was a fish with a face.  It was delish!

The group on our flight home.

 Here are some random pics from the pic........

The Nurse DeeDee
We celebrated Kelvin's birthday while we were there.

We got pizza after going to the beach.  It was awesome!!

This was our driver all week, Fernando.  He was so great!

This is Zoey.  She is Samira's miracle baby.  She was born with what she calls her "little arm".  When she got her bionic arm, she said she couldnt wait to do the Hulk.
I LOVE this picture!!!  The best part of the trip was hearing the giggles that come out of the kids on this trip.  So much joy comes from these kids.
 We also went to get Empanadas at a little food stand.  

That is my trip in a nutshell.  Can't wait to go back.

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Sonia Castiblanco said...

Tonya, I loved reading every detail of your trip..its obvious while you guys gave of your time and energy, and friendship...the people there gave back in love and friendship as well. Wonderful memories for all and a great mission for sure.

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14