Friday, October 12, 2012

October 8th .... Missing Mel

My friend Melissa passed away almost a year ago and you will likely see a few posts about her over the next month or so.  On Saturday, Mel's twin Kristin put together a Benefit Concert in Mel's honor. Mel LOVED independent artists and was not a huge fan of main stream music.  Kristin got one of Mel's favoirte bands Seryn to play.  They were fabulous and I have been listening to their CD NON stop since Sunday. 

Everything these days keeps reminding me of Mel - and not in a bad way.  We talked about leaving a legacy at Bible Study on Tuesday and we circled back around to the legacy Mel left and how we are all still impacted by the woman of God she was.  Her sister made a comment in her speech on Sunday about how when Mel found out she had cancer, she knew all eyes were on her and the way she CHOSE to react.  She chose God and trust and faith and came out victorious.  She is not suffering, she is with the Lord and we are all better people because of her.  We miss her, especially in our bible study, its just not the same without our perfect attendance girl, but we are better.  Because she chose Him over complaining, regret, anger, bitterness....she chose GRACE.  I hope you have the opportunity to witness someone battle cancer and lose with such faith and trust in His ultimate purposes.  (not that I want anyone to lose that battle, but you know what I mean)  How can I doubt His timing and His plan, when SO MUCH GOOD can come from suffering, loss and pain.  I am blessed to be a part of the journey and hope to appreciate each day the Lord gives me with those I love and pray that I take my time here seriously and share God's eternal promises with those around me.  Life can be so much more if you know the Lord...even the most tedious of tasks have purpose and even the hardest of struggles have a support.  If you don't know this type of joy and fulfillment, ask me. I would love to share with you.

A bunch of our bible study were able to make it out on Sunday.  We went up to Mel's parents to tell her the "bible study girls" were there and her parents were so appreciative that we said hello.  They continuously talk about how important our group was to Mel.  That is why she never missed....she knew how essential support and fellowship is to the faith. 

Mel's husband opened the show.  He was very good and I really enjoyed hearing him recount some things about Mel.  He has started a support group for Young Widow/Widowers in the area.  Let me know if you want more  information.

Here is a pic of the bible study girls.  Crazy pic I know.  What is weird, is this picture was taken in the same place that the pic above with Jacob was taken.  Literally a couple minutes before I took this pic, I was asking Crystallee if she thought that Mel actually knew what was going on down on earth, like if after you pass you actually still have a sense of what goes on down on earth. I obviously don't know the answer, but I hope you do.  Kind of ironic that immediately after taking the pic above and asking if CL felt like Mel was present, we get this weird haze in our pic.  (two other phones were taking the pic too and theirs turned out the same.  - could just be the weird lighting, but we like to think it was Mel saying "Hey girls, I am here.")

Like I said, with her anniversary coming up, this won't be the last time you hear about Mel.  Besides, there has been too much good since her passing and God deserves all praise for that. 

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14