Saturday, April 24, 2010


Over Easter, we had the great opportunity to go visit my in-laws in Bogota, Colombia. We had the BEST time and will definately have many trips back to Colombia. I was so impressed with the city. Bogota has the climate of San Francisco and mountains everywhere. Absolutely stunning views. Here is a picture play by play of our trip. Alex's Stepdad took some additional pics, so I will add them when I get them.

We were greeted at the airport with mariachi music (really it was welcoming home the Women's Soccer team as they had just won a tournament which earned them a spot in the Womens World Cup) and Mauri, my Father in Law had two dozen roses waiting for me. There are fields and fields of roses all over the country in Bogota.

Our first day they drove us around and showed us some of the MANY beautiful views in Bogota. Since it was Good Friday, most places were closed and there were people lined around many of the gorgeous Iglesias in recognition of the day of Christ's crucifixion.
Mauri, myself, Alex and Sonia with ALLLL of Bogota behind us. This city is HUGE!!!

On Sunday, Sonia and Mauri took us to a little town about an hour outside of Bogota called Guatavita. All the homes in this town are white stucco, kind of like Greece but on a smaller scale. This was the only body of water we saw the whole weekend, as Bogota is no where near the coast. It was so beautiful. We also had this amazing pound cake type dessert here and my first time to try Dulce de Leche. (kind of like a brown sugar-y fudge type thing) -- That is what it is called right Sonia??? Alex tried to feed some to a stray dog and the dog passed. There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE and Alex always saved his leftovers for the dogs, but these dogs are PICKY! They would pick through the plate and only eat the meat. haha

Alex and Mauri in front of Lake Guativita

Alex and I and his Mom
Guatavita has an old story that a prominent woman lost her lover and therefore walked into the lake and died. Sonia was saying that no one has been able to measure the depth of the lake...that they have even brought in people from other countries and no one can accurately measure the depth. Haunted???

Sunday we also went to Xipicira (sp???) and went to a Salt Mine and did the tour. They had turned the finished area of the Mine into the 13 stations of Christ. They cut these crosses out of the Salt BEAUTIFUL!!

Mauri, Sonia and Alex waiting for the tour.
While we were in Bogota, we also got to meet the newest member of the Castiblanco Family -- Barbas the Miniture Schnauzer. He was so CUTE and would hop around like a bunny every where he went.

Alex and Barbas -- Barbas was not staying still by choice I don't think.
There are Centro Comerciales (malls) EVERYWHERE. We went to the food court one night for dinner.

Mauri and I at dinner. My kids are going to call Mauri 'Grandpa Trouble' cause he is always causing trouble. I am working on teaching Alyssa to call him that. :)

On Saturday, we went to the Body World Exhibit in Colombia. It was SO neat!!!

There are gorgeous churches EVERYWHERE in Bogota. All very old and all with such intricate detail work. This is the oldest Cathedral in Bogota I believe.

You can't really see it, but there is a mountain behind us. :)

We went to a Panaderia every morning for breakfast. They have AMAZING pastries. My favorite was this puff pastry with sugar on top, and filled with Guayaba. Guayaba tastes a lot like rhubarb to me. Rhubarb always makes me think of Grandpa Olson, he makes great rhubarb pies.

Alex and I overlooking Bogota.
Alex and I hanging out at the apartment.
Barbas and Micho

We did so much more than what is in this pictures. I will take better pics to document our trip next time!!


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thanks for the pics....y'all look happy. hope y'all enjoyed the trip. :)

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