Friday, July 24, 2009

Astros Game

We went to the Astros Game Wednesday night with the fam. It was a really good game! Astros won game 3 against the Cardinals in the 9th Inning, which I think put them one game away from the Cardinals maybe. It POURED while we were in there and the roof started leaking. The people in the section in front of us got SOAKED. It was pretty steamy at Minute Maid, so tonight I am wearing shorts instead of jeans - watch I will end up being freezing.

Alex at I after the game
Excuse the sheen on our faces (well my face) - I told you it was hot and humid in there.

Mags, Jose, George and Jennifer at the game
I am blessed with GREAT inlaws!! (I definately missed my M.I.L. and F.I.L.)

Alex and Adriana
This is becoming their "pose." Isn't Adriana absolutely BEAUTIFUL ?!?

Ok the next three photos go together...of course Alyssa was at teh game too - so I got some much needed time with my niece monkey. Alyssa is completely happy and content for each of these photos, but she doesn't like here is how it went.
Tonya: "Alyssa lets take a picture for Grandma"
Alyssa: smiling, laughing and making 'tridactyl' noises as Alex likes to call them
Tonya: "Ok, one, two, ...
Alyssa: Sees the light indicating the flash is coming and does this...
Ok, lets try that again ....
Same steps as before...I wanted a picture for you Sonia!

Ok, let's try it without the flash.
Tonya: One, two....

She is so precious, but this is the best we could do. She still looks pretty cute I think!!


A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my brother's birthday. I can't believe he is 24 -- probably cause I can't believe I am 26 !?!
It was fun to see family as always. I love you Scott and I am so proud of you.

Birthday Boy

People say we look a lot alike - do you see it?


In other news, we are FINALLY finishing off our living floor (kitchen, dining, living). We are getting a completely new living room and finally going to buy paintings/wall decor etc. We ordered all our furniture from Star Furniture off of I-10. last year we bought our dining room and office furniture from here and I just LOVE Star!! ESPECIALLY this particular location - it has the biggest showroom and has Shelly Hamadanian. She is great at what she does and we plan on continuing to purchase from her until she retires. :) This last time at Star we also found out that they have an Interior Designer that can help you find furniture and a color scheme that you like. Mary Strong was FABULOUS!! I hope she never moves.

We had to special order our furniture, so it will hopefully be in by September or October....until then we just have pictures.

As a teaser - here is our new couch.

We are going for a "transitional" look - nothing too modern, just classic looking with a little contemporary flair. :) This couch is more of a gray - our couch will be more of a light khaki. I can't wait to see the finished product. It is going to look great - a little eclectic, but great.

Lots of fun things going on this weekend, so look for another post next week. Have a great weekend!


Scott O said...

Love you too older sister ever (can't say "big sister" because you are too tiny)

Alex & Tonya said...

haha - thanks!! all those years of fighting were worth being friends now. :)

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14