Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did you Know....

So since Thanksgiving Alex and I have been trying to eat healthy and really turn our lives around. We knew the holidays would be touch and go, but not that we are in a new year and down to a pretty calm schedule we have hit the health trail FULL FORCE. We are eating really healthy, working out 5-7 days a week. (Alex 7 and me 5 :) ) But as we have been working on getting healthy I have started researching healthy eating, working out, long life etc and am learning a TON!! Some things I already knew, but never put into practice and other things are completely new to me. So....

1. It is completely possible to totally transform someones body within 12 WEEKS? - of course they would need to be doing all the right things
2. You are supposed to eat 1g of protein for every pound you weigh whether or not you work out...that is a LOT of protein. Just to give you an idea - a 4 oz chicken breast (size of your palm) has 24g. I do not currently eat this much protein, but am going to start.
3. Eating protein does NOT give you bulk -- it makes you lean and gives you definition in your muscles, so don't be afraid to eat protein (healthy proteins of course)
4. Body transformation is 80% diet and 20% exercise (both are necessary)
5. Diet Soda, alcohol and coffee all put toxins into your body (this Alex has been telling me for YEARS because i have a bit of a diet coke habit)
6. Body Cleanses can do all of the following: increase your metabolism, allow healthy body flow, help to jump start a diet, remove toxins from your body

That is all I can think of right now, but I am loving learning about being healthy....currently I am researching to get a better understanding of what my daily intake of many things SHOULD SALT or fat (good fats) and water. I have a lean cuisine for lunch pretty much every day and they are chalk full of the salt lesson should be interesting.

I have been a 'dieter' since high school. I am not someone who can eat whatever I want and not gain weight and I will always be someone that has to watch her weight, but this go round has been so much more enjoyable because I am learning about the health reasons for doing things and not just focused on trying to get skinny. This in itself has been an answer to prayer because I have been praying that God would change my mindset on dieting....not to be focused on weight but on health. My sister in law and I both use is a great sight to track calories, get recipes and healthy eating tips.

Anyways....let me know if you have any great health facts to share!! I am all ears. :)


The Sutherlands said...

Hey! Haven't talked to you in a while! I think that is great! Getting healthy is going to be high on my priority list come April!!! The only thing I worry about is those body cleanses!!! You have to be super careful that they don't deplete your body of important nutrients and I know of one case where a colon cleanser made a perfectly healthy lady need a colostomy!!! That was a sad day in the operating room!! BUt I think you are doing the right thing by eating healthy and exercising!!!

Stacey said...

Great Job! I am proud of you and Alex. Let me know if you find a good/healthy body cleanse. I have been interested in doing one.

Jenn said...

yay! this is an exciting post. I didn't know the stat about % exercise & food changes.

I also use Dotties Weight Loss Zone to track calories @ restaurants and all.

I also learned that eating lots of fiber lowers cholesterol. I struggle with high cholesterol so that was a fun fact to learn.

keep the info comin'!

Jenn said...

oh! and tonya! i was thinking about this post this morning.

i wanted to just put this out there for all runners who read this ....

if you go to you can purchase a velcro (spelling) strap that goes on your shoe ... it has a website listed on it, your pin number & an ID number. that way if for some reason something happens to you while you are running in the dark, go too far or whatever ... people can identify you quickly and contact whoever your emergency contact is.

dad gave me & my siblings one for christmas - - just thought i'd throw this out there - - so our loved ones might feel more safe while we are out running about!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14