Friday, September 5, 2008

Life is getting busy...

I know I need to update....the past couple of months I have been a terrible blogger.....but I don't really have much to say. Life has been and will continue to be really busy, and that doesnt leave me a bunch of time to come up with blogging topics, plus I broke our camera, so ... no pictures. Which is SO SAD because I normally take a TON of pictures. Oh well...we will get a new one eventually. Seeing as how I have no specific topic for this blog, here are a few thoughts from August/Sept.

Random Tidbits of Information:

1. Erin and Travis -- Erin and I went to A&M together and we were study buddies in all our accounting classes.

a. On August 15th, they welcome their first child, Caleb Michael into their lives. Alex and I went and visited them in the hospital. They are very godly people and will be wonderful parents. I look very forward to watching Caleb grow.

b. Erin and Travis also said good-bye to Erin's Mom, Stephanie who has been battling for almost 3 years. Although I have only met Stephanie once a LONG time ago, these past 3 years her story has been such an encouragement to me. Erin and Travis would email out updates about once a week and were so great about always ending with how they trust in God's timing and ultimately in his plan. They remind me of a modern day David, where amongst all their sufferings and trials they are praising God. Thank you for living out every breath with complete reliance on the Lord.

2. First Time Run -- I went running one day at Memorial Park and it was a little cloudy and thundering a little, but in Houston, that doesn't necessarily mean it will rain, so I decided to take the risk and run it. Well, if I had been in Vegas, I would have come home the biggest LOSER in the city!! I got DRENCHED!!!!! Memorial is a 3 mile loop and it started raining at a little over the mile what do you matter what....still SOAKED. So that was a first....first time to run 3 miles in soaking wet clothes, shoes hair, hat. First time to ask a random women if she could see through my shirt and sports bra. It definately made the run a lot harder, but it was kind of exciting.

3. UofH Football Began -- my husband is a HUGE University of Houston fan. He has only missed one home game since he started going to school there in 2001. (Scott and Amanda's wedding day :) ) Every year about 2 weeks before the season starts, Alex will start getting anxious, kind of like a little kid excited about the first day of school. Alex and a couple of his co-workers hosted the tailgate and then we went to the game. It was a really fun day and UH won 55-3. I am an adopted Cougar and will always be. I have a feeling The Waters will soon be adopted Cougars with season tickets and everything. :)

4. We have started a women's group called 'Wining Women.' We get together once a month and drink wine, eat appetizers and hang out or play games or whatever comes up. Last night was our first one and I think it was really fun. I am excited about next month!!

5. Best Friend Weekend -- this weekend Bri and I are heading to Horseshoe Bay to spend the weekend with my parents. Alex is off to OK for the UH vs. OSU game on Saturday. I am really excited. I can't tell you the last time Bri and I did anything for a whole weekend without the boys. Plus she is leaving me in January to move to South Africa, so this will most likely be the last weekend just the two of us do something like this. I think we are both looking forward to the drive up there tonight so we can catch up. Bri - this is another 'first' for us....first time to have a BF weekend since being married. :)

Have a great weekend. I am making a personal goal to post more often and with more substantial information. :)

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the herzogs said...

I love and miss you! Caleb wants to see you and meet Spencer, too. :-)

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14