Thursday, June 12, 2008

Overflowing with Excitment!!

I was talking with Amanda about all the great things coming up this next month and it got me ALL excited!!!! So, I thought I would blog about it ....

Weekend 1: Girl's Weekend!!

I am about to walk out the door to have lunch with Amanda at Panera Bread so that will be great!!

Tonight we have Girl's Night with the Sunday School class that Alex and I visited this past week. It is called The Big Time and is a Young Marrieds class. They seem like a great group and I am excited to get more involved. I think tonight will be a wonderful way to get to know all the women of the class.

Tomorrow night is my favorite part about this weekend. We are having a Girl's Night and going to see Sex and The City and then we are going to go eat at Amazon Grill!!! We have about 12 girls going, and it is just going to be a BLAST!!!

Weekend 2: Jet Set for San Diego

We head out next Thursday to San Diego, California! We have never been there and have a JAM PACKED weekend. We are going with our neighbors Jason and Samantha, we are celebrating both of our wedding anniversaries. Ours is a little overdue, but oh well!! We have been so blessed to have them as neighbors. Alex and Jason play golf together a lot and Samantha is my running partner. In San Diego we are doing a LOT!! We are going to get massages, the guys will golf, eat at Island Prime, go to the zoo, Padres game, and Seaworld. All in 3 days!! :) I can't wait!

Weekend 3: Moving Weekend

The last weekend in June we are helping Scott and Amanda move into their new house. It is going to be a great weekend, plus my parents are coming in town to help move, so it will be a whole-lotta family time. :) YAY!! Plus Friday June 27th, we are going to Sullivan's Ringside to hear Fried Ice Cream play (the band from our wedding). They are SO good and it will be good to hear them again!!!

Weekend 4: The Fourth of July

We will be spending 4th of July up at my parent's house in Horseshoe Bay and Amanda got off work, so The Olson's will be there too!!! Alex and I are taking Monday the 7th off so it will be a FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL long weekend.

So....what exciting summer plans do you have coming up????

Gotta get excited about the little things in is too short not to!! My husband is so wonderful, because as you can tell I am almost ALWAYS excited about something, and he just celebrates right along with me. :)


Robin Brient said...

Jared and I just went to San Diego for our anniversary! It was a blast! Make sure to check out the Gaslamp quarter! Aqua al 2 Restaurant that we ate at was delicious! The Zoo was so much fun, too! It takes like 4-5 hours to see everything, and make sure you bring sunscreen! Happy Anniversary Trip!

the clark family. said...

Hi Tonya! I had to say hello- and say that Zach and I enjoy keeping up with you and Alex-- Zach's especially glad to know that there's someone out there from HS that he liked as well as Alex that he can keep up with. I love your blog- your updates are great fun to read!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14