Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We fell in love!!

San Diego was SO WONDERFUL!!! One of the prettiest cities I have ever been to. It was such a busy three days, but we all really enjoyed ourselves. You know a trip was a success when you are already planning your next visit before you leave! There was just SO much to do in San Diego that we BARELY touched the surface.

We went for our one year anniversary celebration, even though it was a couple of months late. It was a great way to celebrate one of the most wonderfully, blessed years of my life. I am so grateful for all that Alex and I have been blessed with. Praise be to God for his many blessings!

Here are a BOAT-LOAD of pics from the weekend. I stole most of these from Samantha, since I sort of broke my camera on the trip. :(

THURSDAY EVENING -- jet set and ready to go!

We were able to wait for our plane in the Continental Club thanks to Jason and Samantha. A very relaxing way to wait for a plane if I do say so.

This is where we discovered one of the reasons God made us friends -- we are both obsessed with taking pictures!

Thursday night we stayed at La Costa Resort! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Definately the nicest place I have ever stayed before.

Just waiting in the lobby for the boys to check in :)

Me & Hubster!

FRIDAY DAY-- the girls got massages and relaxed while the boys golfed their first round. We all met for lunch and the guys played their second round and we resumed our position at the pool.

Sam and I at breakfast

It was SO beautiful!!

My yummy breakfast

All the plants in San Diego were unbelievable. It was like plans on STEROIDS!

Heading to the Spa for our massage

The Spa was ridiculous....best massage I have EVER had.

(The ladies that ran the locker room hated us though)

About to start round two

Action shot

16th Hole - their signature hole (i think)

FRIDAY EVENING -- we ate dinner at Island Prime!!! It was SO DELICIOUS, plus the view wasn't too shabby either.

View of downtown San Diego from our table


I got a filet trio. There were three 3 oz filets topped with Gorgonzola, Blue Crab or Mushrooms. My side was their homemade macaroni and cheese. It was SO GREAT!!

Me with our GIANT tree trunk size dinner rolls.

They were really pop-overs which made me think of Grandpa Olson cause he always makes those.

I told them we were visiting San Diego for our anniversaries, so they brought us dessert to celebrate!

Samantha and I were both really excited because BOTH of our dresses had POCKETS!!!

Hence the 'Pocket Picture')

The Leivas :)

I told you we were really excited about the pockets!

Friday and Saturday night we stayed downtown in the GasLamp District at The Westin at Horton Plaza. By the time we were checking in it was pretty late and we were all VERY excited to be going to SLEEP!!!

Waiting to check in..we wait well :)

Room keys baby!

SATURDAY -- We went to the San Diego Zoo and the Padres Game!

Waiting in line for the Bus Tour

This peacock was just hanging out around the zoo. It is the reason my camera BROKE!! We saw it later in the day with its tail all fanned out and I climbed up on a step to take its picture and dropped my camera on the way. :(

Haha...I was a little afraid it would freak out and attack me!

Samantha and I an la elefante!
(I kept referring to the zoo animals in spanish..probably cause those are the spanish words I remember)

How sweet is that...feeding the baby!

MEERKATS! These always remind me of Spencer!

Baby Gorilla all tuckered out from the heat.


The Padres Game was one of my highlights of the trip. A very neat ballpark and fans that cheered NON-STOP!!!

Something else we were able to do on Saturday was to go down to the Harbor and see the U.S.S. Midway. We were too late to actually get on the ship but we did get to see it and take a picture in front of it. My Grandpa was stationed on this ship when he was in the Navy. It really meant a lot to me, more than I anticipated to get to see this....it was like seeing a glimpse of his past that I wasn't a part of. Love you Grandpa!

Us in front of the Midway -- this ship normally had 3800 men living on it. Crazy!

SUNDAY -- Seaworld!!!

View from Seaworld -- we didn't get to the beach this trip, but it is on the list for next time!!!

Seaworld had a ride called Atlantis or something like that.

It was so fun we rode it twice!

Gotta love Shamu!!!

Such a FUN trip. I can't believe we did all of that in 3 days! If you made it to the end of this post way to go!! 5 points for you. :)


The Sutherlands said...

Awesome!!! It really looks like you all had fun!!! Miss ya!! Talk to you soon!

Erika Waters said...

I get 5 points.

Jenn said...

i made it to the end!

i can't believe you did all that in three days.

why did the ppl hate you at the massage place???

you guys looked like it was incredible - yay for a refreshing trip!

Bri Westbury said...

I want you to move there so I can come visit! I can't believe you did all of that in 3 days!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip. Maybe Jason and Alex won't notice if we head back there next weekend...

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14