Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Go Memphis!!!

We went to the Sweet 16 games and Elite 8 Game this past weekend in Houston!! It was really really fun!!! Especially because we were going AGAINST Texas, so we were one of few. ;)

Friday got to be a LONG night of basketball, but Sunday was super fun.

Here Erika and I are at the Memphis vs. Texas Game. I didn't have anything blue, but I figured that as long as I wasn't wearing Burnt Orange I was ok.

Here are the boys. Originally we sat in this order: Carrie, Jim, Alex, Me, Erika and then Mikey, but Mikey didn't like being so far away from the boys, so he moved in between Alex and I.

They have such a special friendship. :) Erika and I tease them because they have "Date Night" on Tuesday nights when Erika and I are at bible study. I actually feel very blessed to have friends like Mikey and Erika where we are all friends independent of one another. You never know what kind of fun will be had with the Waters.

Erika and I were laughing at all the crazy articles of clothing that some designer made in Burnt Organge at some point. I would say the top two were the burnt orange corderoy pants and the burnt orange leather jacket with tassles. haha

To all my Texas fans out there, I am sure you are thinking...."You have no room to talk...A&M didn't even make the Sweet 16." Well this is true, and since I can't root for A&M, I figured I would cheer for someone else to beat Texas. :) 


Anonymous said...
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"Sugar Mamma" said...

It is so hard to find GOOD friends that both people mesh with! Cherish it! We are struggling finding anyone up here that we can just hangout with! Are you guys still going to First Baptist? If you are, I am so jealous! We also really miss our church! But God can do amazing things when he gets you out of your comfort zone...

Mikey said...

It's not date night...it's guys night. We do guy things. And I was on the opposite end. Alex and I couldn't discuss the game from that far away. You act like we are not normal.

Your mom.

And you should delete the comments from that guy above...probably a virus.

Erika Waters said...

Oh Mikey...we know that its not "date night" we just think its fun that you and Alex are as good of friends as we are...makes life much easier on us! You are normal, it just not normal to have such good friends!
Your Mom...
The Waters <3 The Leivas!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14