Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Alex and I are in the process of finding new dining room furniture....

We have looked at every furniture store in Houston at least 3 times, and have narrowed in down to two tables.

This is option #1: We would only buy the bottom half of the china cabinet, not the top piece.

This is Option #2:


China Cabinet

You might look at these and say...Tonya, they have NOTHING in common. I KNOW!!!

We can't decide....plus we went to measure everything out last night for BOTH sets and we are worried there wont be enough room....so can anyone help by answering the following questions???

1. If you have been to our house, which one goes best with our style?

2. How much space do you think is neccesary between a chair and the wall/the chair and the buffet?

3. We want something that is fairly simple, so that if we ever move, it can move with us. (i.e. nothing with so much personality that it will only fit in one type of house)

4. Should we go ahead and buy enough chairs for 8 people, or just 6? Is the extra two chairs a waste of money??

Anyone help or tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!


The Olson's said...

i think option number 2 goes better with your house. the first one looks too formal to me for your style. maybe not. you probably only need 2 feet between the chairs and the wall. that's about how much we have in our dining and it works fine. and i think you could go with 6 chairs and be fine. remember, you can always buy more chairs if you find out you need them.

The Sutherlands said...

Justin and I agreed that option 1 will make you happier 5 years down the road. Justin has had much experience with furniture sales, and the second option lends itself to broken slats in the chairs or little legs slipping through and getting hurt. However, they are both beautiful pieces, and I think you will be happy with either. If you remember in our house, our didning room is pretty small, but we seat 6 comfortably, and there is about 1 1/2 feet in between our buffet and the chairs. I think I would go ahead and by the 6 chairs even if you put to in a room that you aren't using right now. Only because I have had an experience of discontinuation and ALSO (with my bad luck)the new pieces dont match colors! Anyway, that is our 2 cents! Hope you had a great b- day and anniversay! Amanda has your present from us!

Katherine said...

i agree with the sutherlands that you would be happier with option 1 and it looks a more formal.

Erika Waters said...

I'm thinking that option #2 goes better with style of your house. Its hard to tell from the picture, but the wood looks like it will match the furniture in your living room better...and that is something to think about since your dining room is open to the living room. I think that option 1 looks a little more masculine and BIG--even though the size might be the same as the other, the more solid chairs, etc give the appearance of a buklier piece of furniture. Further down the road, you may have to worry about broken slats, but we've had our table/chairs for 2 years now and haven't ever broken anything and we use our table/chairs daily...plus it won't be like you're using that table every single day so I would think that it would hold up just fine.

Robin Brient said...

Hey Tonya! Hope you are well! I don't know how much space you guys have, but if you need something that isn't so bulky, try CB2. It is Crate and Barrel 2 (a cheaper version) only online. That is where we got some of our furniture, and love it! :)

William said...


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