Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This almost happened....

So last night was not a good night for the F-150. :( I was on my way home when Alex called me and told me I needed to come pick him up from work because his car was started but he could not move the shifter or roll down his windows. (odd combination I know)

Well Alex's wonderful Grandpa drove all the way over to our house (like 45 min) and figured out that Alex had two fuses out. Phew, Alex was able to drive home and everything was great. (I was hoping to get up and work out this morning and wouldn't have been able to if we were riding to work together)

Erika and I went to Memorial and went running around 8. We were both glad we decided to run and treated ourselves to frozen cookie dough! (haha) When Erika headed back downstairs to go to bed, she noticed a weird smell; kind of like burnt plastic. We brought Alex down to smell it too and after using our canine senses, we discovered the smell was coming from Alex's truck. (his truck had been in the garage for like 3 hours)

All three of us were investigating what could be causing the smell. Although it smelled like a radiator does, there were no fluids anywhere. Erika and I were side by side, bent over looking into the hood when directly below our noses a wire sparked and flamed up a little. We did what any normal person would do and screamed and ran out of the garage and into the side yard!

Turns out, it was the wire leading up to the battery resevoir which is connected somehow with the cruise control. Well, the cruise control on F-150s was recalled about a year ago because trucks were bursting into flames on the road. We are just SO grateful that this happened when Alex was not driving and that no one was harmed, but it was an eventful night.

Don't worry...the F-150 still looks like this.

And not like this!

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Bri Westbury said...

Umm HELLO I have called you to discuss this extremly crazy event and no call back. I can't believe you had a firey combusition in your garage!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14