Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Ramblings....

So, it is Friday afternoon and I know that you are all on pins and needles waiting for me to post something, so I thought I would share some random pics from our last couple weeks.  Enjoy!

First of all, I thought you might like to see what my "creating margin" morning looked like the other day.   Spencer leaning on my leg, sitting under my favorite blanket journaling and reading the word while sipping on a spark.  It was a great start to my day!!

We spent our NYE with my brother and Amanda this year and had a blast.  We played games and made homemade pizzas and then watched the ball drop in NYC and watched tv until 12 here in Houston.  The next morning we lounged around and had brunch with my parents.  My pictures are lame, but we had a ton of fun.  Plus Spencer and Bailey got to play together spend the whole night with Bailey trying to snuggle with Spencer and Spencer moving away from her.

The Boys made a meat pizza.  I didn't take a pic of Amanda and my pizza but it was way better.

Hubby chilling with Spencer and his cone.  Man that glass of wine makes me miss it.  No wine on the 21 DSD. 

Its pizza time!

Ummm, excuse the creeper in the back.  Amanda and I have an obsession/love fest with Arugula.

OK, so last weekend we were staying at my parents in The Woodlands because Alex was in a wedding.  Friday night he had groomsmen festivities so I cuddled up in bed early and started channel flipping. I check A&E every time I turn on the tv because I knew my friend Samantha would be on After the First 48....well, when I flipped there last Friday LOOK who was on the tv!!  She is famous.  My whole bible study started an obnoxious group text chatting about the show (Samantha - I am sure you loved that consider #1, it was a group chat which I know you love and #2 it was all about you!!).  It was so much fun.  Plus, Samantha was pretty pregnant when they taped this, so we were cheering on our pregnant friend putting away the bad guy!  Samantha, you should be so proud.  I know I am proud to have a famous friend.  You are my claim to fame sister.  :)

"Knecht" as they referred to her on the show
As I mentioned, Alex was in a wedding for his friend Mike.  Congrats Mike and Nancy!! Hope you are enjoying Hawaii!!!

Wowzers...he is very dapper in a tux isn't he?!?! 

Spencer is now officially cone free so he is spending a lot of time like this.....

He is spoiled and normally once we leave for the day, Alex turns off the left lamp so Spencer doesn't have it in his eyes.  This day I was still getting ready after Alex had left and apparently Spencer was trying to get me to figure out that I needed to TURN THE LIGHT OFF.  :)  That little orange thing is his "foot".  He tore it off a rubber chicken and parades it proudly every day.  We keep in on the dresser so it doesn't get lost.  The first thing Spencer does when we get home is go and grab his foot to show it off to us.  He is so cute.

Our Oncology appointment is this Monday so send a prayer that the cancer has not spread and that we just need to monitor him, versus any sort of treatment.

We are off to the hill country for the weekend.  Hope your weekend is blessed!

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Alex & Tonya said...

In case you didn't read an older post, Spencer has melanoma. So the cancer is in regards to Spencer and not any human. :)

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14