Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making a come back!

Ok, I have been wanting to post, but after not posting for so long, its hard to know where to I am just doing a dump of whatever is in my head and will try to get back into the posting routine. 

The last few months have been wonderful.  Semi quiet weekends with a few fun social events thrown in there, so a great balance.  Lots of quality time with the hubs and Spencey, as well as family and close friends.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Work is going well, still learning a TON in my new position.  Alex is doing great and overall we are happy and just enjoying our family and time together.

Back in March or April, we lost one of our wonderful trees in our backyard.  We were VERY fortunate that it did not hit our house, fence, garage, or power lines OR take out any other trees.  It snapped in half, so like 12 feet of the trunk is in the back left corner of this picture below.  Had the WHOLE tree collapsed it would have hit our garage!  So it could have been much worse.  Just had to pay to have it removed and mourn over the loss of our beloved tree. 

Back in April, I threw a baby shower for Erika with her sister in law and business partner.  It was SO much fun and Ashley did an AMAZING job with a ridiculous food and drink menu.  I need to dig up some pictures because she is so talented!!

For the shower I made this little Diaper wreath...I was really excited about the C too.  So easy to paint.  We are expecting Baby Cole Michael any day now, so we are just waiting to meet him in person. 
 I also converted an antique mirror into a chalkboard and had everyone sign it at the shower.  I gave it to Erika to hang in the nursery if she so choose so she could put little notes or bible verses on there. 

I also helped Erika make the bumpers for her crib.  No pics for that, but she picked amazing fabric and found a great tutorial that I am going to totally steal whenever I get to make bumpers for myself! 

I am working on another project currently for someone that I am pretty sure doesn't look at my blog....the fabric is below.  How cute is the transportation fabric??  "Up Up and Away"  Love love.

I have been running a LOT lately and already have a "dirty" tan, but I love sweating it out in the heat of summer!!  Plus the hubs convinced me to get some new workout digs, which is a great incentive to work out...isnt that so silly.  :)

I have also been spending a lot of time outside with this 9 year old pup....I don't think he looks more than 2 here!  He is loving the backyard and being able to go walking on Terry Hershey.   We are SO happy the house God gave us in Spring Branch.  It is PERFECT and even little things like proximity to running trail have been a huge blessing and we never even thought about it.

Over Memorial Day, we went to Horseshoe Bay with my parents and stayed with one of their friends, Joe and Karen.  We had the BEST time of just relaxing, hiking, walking, running and pretty much living outside.  I even fed a horse for the first time and Karen, my Mom and I went kayaking.  I thought there were only two Kayaks, so I brought Spence down to the dock and thought on of us could just watch while the other two Kayaked, but we ended up with three kayaks, so for my very first time kayaking I had a co-pilot in Spencer.  He did great and only fell in once because he was trying to look down into the water.  :)  It was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

We have been enjoying being so close to CityCentre too.  One night Scott and Amanda met us out at the Tasting Room (which has GREAT outdoor seating) and Amanda and I were twinsies!!  Love having her as a sister.

We are slowing working on decorating the house too.  I found these great plates at this amazing home decor store in Marble Falls.  All the plates here plus a HUGE serving platter were under $80.00.  Such a bargain and I think it goes well in our little kitchen baker's rack.  What do you think?

Since we can't use magnets on Fridges these days, I saw this thing on Pinterest where you put fabric over a cookie sheet and can use it to hang shower invitations etc.  It turned out perfect and was just in the nick of time, because it is full now with wedding save the dates and baby shower invites!!

Let's see what else has been going on....Alex and I celebrated 5 years of being married and 12 years together.  I was also able to see my roommate from college and her husband and daughter Lyla which is a treat. 

Babies are everywhere these days, so I am enjoying spoiling everyone else's little ones.  3 years ago our bible study had ONE child, and to date we have Jackson, Davis, Caleb, Carson, Ethan, Elijah, Cole (on the way), Benjamin (on the way) - other than Jackson who is 7, the rest are under 3.  :)  And yes, they are all boys.  Alex and I are hoping that God will allow us to break the boy cycle whenever He decides to bless us with a little one too.

Have a blessed day.  I will try to reign in my next post, but this is a pretty good start.


Samantha said...

I am so happy you are back!

Samantha said...

I am so glad you are back!

Samantha said...

I am so glad you are back

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14