Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Save the Date

Bri and I were talking about trying to find a 5K/10K while she is in Houston around Christmas, but most of the fun runs shut down between December 10th and New Years, so that left us with no official race. I told Bri that we would just make our own 5K/10K.

Then Bri and Josh saw the picture below on someone's facebook and they started discussing how they could keep this in mind going into the holidays. Although seeing this picture is definately depressing, it reflects a true issue throughout the world. Now, the point of this picture is not to make anyone feel guilty about buying Christmas presents or suggesting we all sell everything we own. BUT....there are small things we can do that can have a HUGE impact. We can do SOMETHING!

*I have been unsuccessful in finding the original source for this photo,

if it is yours, please email me:

That brings me to the "Save the Date." I stole a lot of the verbage from Bri's blog. Feel free to read her post here. Do you have plans Christmas Eve morning? There will be more information in the coming days. But, I ask that you would consider “saving the date” and joining with us.

Joining us for what?!? For a small thing that could make a huge impact.
In an effort to do SOMETHING, an event has been created, taking place December 24th, Christmas Eve morning. You, your family, your friends are invited to join with us to run/walk a 5k or 10k route. There will be no t-shirts, no concessions, nothing. You literally get NOTHING. But, we pray they (those in need) will get SOMETHING.

We have a Living Water International page created, and we request a 10 dollar donation be made on that page as your registration. This donation goes directly to Living Water International and you will receive a receipt which can be claimed on your income taxes.

So come on. Have some family time. Enjoy the outdoors with your friends. Set your goals to get fit. Spare 10 dollars. And we could BUILD A WELL!!!

If you are interested, please comment on my facebook page, email me or comment on this blog so I can make sure and include you on the Evite (which will have all the details)

If you are interested and in Houston....
Save the date: December 24th, in the morning.
Location: Memorial Park Area

If you are interested in being a part, but are not in Houston, feel free to get your friends, families together in your area and make your own 5K/10K route. Please just still register on our LWI Advocacy Page so the money will go towards building a well.

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