Monday, September 26, 2011

No more posts on the house.....

The blog is going to go silent on all things house related until we move everyone (all one of you) will have to wait for the big reveal in 3 weeks when we move in.

To entertain you in the meantime, here are 10 things I am looking forward to in the new house/NOT going to miss about the condo*:

*Before I jump into that, we have been SO blessed to stay at a condo my parents own in the galleria and not have to pay rent, so we are just paying mortgage and not both. The condo itself is fine and I am not complaining about the condo, but more apartment living/temporary housing living.

10. A couch to watch tv -- currently in the condo, I just have a chair which is not really comfortable.
9. No more weekend morning bacon/egg smells. Someone on our floor makes breakfast on Sat and Sun every week, so the hall is filled with the smell of eggs and the feeling of walking through bacon grease.
8. My new morning commute -- going from 30 minutes in galleria traffic, to 2 miles on neighborhood roads.
7. No more decisions around the house -- I don't remember what Alex and I used to spend our week nights doing.
6. All my kitchen gadgets and pots/pans again. Right now I am working with one pot and one pan...that is all. No soup pot, no mixers, no nada.
5. NO elevators -- in the condo we have to deal with an elevator in the garage, which I am pretty sure was the first elevator EVER and I age a year every time i have to ride in it. Its so bad, i will take the stairs many times filled with grocery bags or drycleaning just to avoid this elevator. The one in the lobby is just busy, so you are often waiting forever.
4. The ease of bringing in groceries and/or drycleaning.
3. DVR again - we rarely actually sit down to watch tv until 8, so DVR is much missed in the condo.
2. Having a backyard
1. My kitchen -- might just have to sleep there our first night in the house.

I am sure there are more things...but this should do for now.

Have a blessed week!

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14