Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Question for my Crafty Ladies out there....

Who has the most affordable, yet decent selection of fabrics....

1. JoAnns
2. Michaels
3. Walmart

Any other places??

Just a basic cotton or quilting fabric.



Steph said...

I would say Hobby Lobby, hands down.
I was forced to use Walmart for a few things while in Brenham...blah! Horrible selection!

For gorgeous and unaffordable fabrics...High Fashion!!! So fun!

Lindsey Agers said...

Definitely Hobby Lobby! They always have FANTASTIC sales on the basic cottons and quilting fabrics, just wait. If you go online you can see the weekly sales add and it will let you know when to go shopping.

Also, I use JoAnns a whole freaking lot. They have a great selection and a huge sales selection as well.

NEVER use Wal-Mart. Don't like anything they have at all.


Whitney said...

So excited you are sewing!!! JoAnn's is best for fabric. Sign up in the store and they will mail you cupons all the time. I also like

Here are a few blogs I like:

For clothes:

The Honas Clan said...

I say Jo Ann's but I also like Hancock Fabrics.

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