Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spencer Update

I went to the vet on Saturday to see what the final game plan is for Spencer-boo. Since the antibiotic for his bacterial infection did not completely remove the tumor and because the tumor is progressively getting worse, the best plan of action is to remove the digit.

I will be dropping Spencer off at the vet first thing Friday morning and heading to Girls Weekend!! Alex is going to pick Spence up Friday night and take care of him all weekend. They will get LOTS of quality time seeing as how the World Cup begins this weekend, so Alex and Spencer will be glued in front of the television. (it wasn't intentional, but could we have PICKED a better weekend for Girls Weekend???)

Anyways, the vet seems to think this surgery should be VERY easy for Spencer to bounce back from, so we will see. The vet said within 10 days he should be back to normal. here is hoping!!

Here are some cute picks of our little bug-a-boo. (You may have already seen ALL of these, but I have limited photos here on this computer)

Wedding Day Photo Op -- Peek a Pup
Mom and Spence - they are BFF

Spencer checking out the new munchkin when Alyssa came over for Christmas
"What are you?? Such a small human!"
You can see Spencer's back left inside toe - pre tumor here

Have a great week!!!

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