Thursday, February 11, 2010

FUN February!!

So, Alex and I unintentionally, but gratefully hibernated in January. We had no plans any weekend and just hung out at home. It was wonderful, allowed us to refresh and we got more done around the house. It has also helped us to not over book ourselves on the weekends -- at least for right now.

Although it was a wonderful anti-social month, when my first set of plans came up the last weekend in January, I was VERY ready for them!! :)

My first road trip of 2010 was to Dallas to see Kat and to FINALLY meet Abagail. OMG - this little girl is precious and is SO loved!! I only had Saturday and Sunday with her and Kat, but it was absolutely great to get to see her. Katherine is such a blessing and I really enjoyed my time in Dallas. Here a couple pics from my girls weekend away...

Precious Abagail ready for our day of running around
(the orange light on my camera freaked her out)

Beautiful Kat and Baby
(she was checking out our Chick-fila I think)

Sunday Morning
I didn't get any pics of Billy, Kat's hubs. He was too busy working and preparing for his sermon on Sunday. Billy - thanks for letting me invade and distract Kat from bugging you.
Sunday I was able to see Jenn on my way home. It was great conversation. I always love catching up with Jenn and hearing where God is taking her. Not the best pic...but its cause it was FREEZING and WINDY!

Sonia is in town visiting for the month and it has been so wonderful to spend some quality time with her. We are spoiled because she stays with us, so we get to see her every night. Last friday we met up with George, Jenn and Alyssa to eat lunch.
Grandma Choni and Alyssa

Last Friday night we celebrated Erika's Birthday. We started out the night at Pico's - Erika's fave mexican place). Their food is pretty good. Erika has been going here since she was little and was raving about their sangria margaritas, so Linds and I followed Erika's lead and ordered the Sangria Margarita. Well....THIS is what they brought us.
The world's LARGEST margarita!!!
(Mikey's is the little one, which is actually not that small)

Linds and Adam at Dinner
(making progress on the margarita Linds!)

Birthday Girl and her honey

The mariachi sang happy birthday to her....

Poor Jeff got volunteered to take Stacey, Erika and I to Spotlight after dinner. We were a little goofy in the car. Jeff was a trooper though.

Erika and I on our way to karaoke

Here are some random pics at Spotlight

Miguelito and I

Manda, Little Red and myself

My W.O.W. Bible Study Girls at the par-tay
(Linds, Stace, me, Amanda, Christy, Erin, CL and Teeks)

Me and Cissy

You two behave yourselves....

Much better

Can't See Me....

Silly Boys

We got to see The Cole's!

In Law Lovin

So far - February has been fun...and its only half over with lots more fun things planned. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year!!

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14