Saturday, October 3, 2009

Disney Re-visited

Our disney vacation was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Feels like it was so long ago, but we had such a great time.  This was the first time we had gone on vacation with just my parents...and it was a success.  

We spent our first two days at the Portofino Hotel near Universal Studios and then spent 5 days at the Wilderness Lodge on Disney property.  Mom and Dad met us at Wilderness.  

Of course our pictures are completely out of order....but here is a glimpse of our week.

The California Grill is at the top of the Contemporary Resort and if you get the right seat, you can see Cinderella's Castle.  We were very fortunate to have the PERFECT seat.  We timed our reservation so that the fireworks over the castle would go off while we were between dinner and dessert.  At the restaurant, they dim the lights during fireworks and stream in the music (the fireworks are timed to music).  Not to sound cheesy, but it really was magical.

We also celebrated Mom and Dad's Anniversary while at dinner.
Here are Mom and Dad at Dinner

Mom and I having a drink before dinner
Me and Hubs  :)
Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom.  Highlight of Animal Kingdom was Mount Everest -- a roller coaster all about the Yedi in the mountains.

Alex, Mom and I in front of the Tree of Life

Highlight of Magic Kingdom
#1: The Haunted Mansion -- my ALL TIME favorite ride in ALL of Disney
#2:  Riding Splash Mountain which normally doesn't get you that wet -- but SOAKED all four of us.
Alex and I in Magic Kingdom -- Post water ride  :)
Alex and I at Mickey's Philharmonic -- a 3D show.  Actually pretty cute.
Upside down -- on the boat from the resort to Magic Kingdom
Mom and Dad on the boat
Alex and I at the Portofino Hotel 

The Portofino is a great hotel and is only a boat ride from Universal and The City Walk.   It is Italian themed, complete with italian food, gelato and live music every night.  The service and quality was phenomenal.  I great place for families too.  I would stay here again in a heart beat.
Us again

The City Walk has all sorts of restaurants.  It has a NBA Bar and Grill that had Hakeem's hand print.  Hakeem is a UH Alum so Alex had to take a picture.

In our hotel room at The Portofino -- definately need to check this place out!
Spencer stayed at Camp Olson while we were at Disney.  This is us Friday night dropping him off.  He had so much fun with his cousins and Uncle Scott and Auntie Amanda....thanks again for watching him guys!

Me and my sister in law

Alex and Brenna - posing for the camera

That was our trip in a nutshell.  It was such a nice, much needed getaway.  We came back to busy life between work, football season and the living room re-do.

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