Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What "Baby Itch" Stage are you?

I was talking to Bri yesterday via gmail chat (our most common form of communication now that she is in South Africa) and we were discussing the "baby itch." For those of you that don't know what this is, baby itches occur among young married (or I guess potentially even those not married yet) adults that do not have kids yet. You get a baby itch when you get a sudden urge of wanting kids. You most likely won't be having them quite yet, but you get a quick feeling that you want one. I think these baby itches begin very spontaneously and then occur more and more often until they don't go away.

Well, Bri and I were discussing that we think both males and females get baby itches, not just the girls. I then proceeded to compare Alex's view on having kids, or his "stage" similar to when you are at a zoo. You enjoy observing the animals and may go into the petting zoo, but you would never even consider taking a hippo home with you. From there our conversation spiraled into all the baby itch stages as compared to pets.

Here is what we came up with: (since neither of us have kids yet and don't know the full extent of the baby itch stages, those of you with children - feel free to agree with us or disagree :) )

Stage 1: Outside of the zoo - you feel a sense of annoyance at the fact that they would use a whole park to trap animals in; the space would be much better used for a golf course or park. You have no desire or interest of what lies within the zoo, plus it kind of stinks.

Stage 2: In the zoo, observing the animals. You enjoy watching them from afar, but have no interest of knowing much more than that.

Stage 3: You begin to get more interested in the animals. You begin volunteering at the zoo and start visiting shelters.

Stage 4: Begin considering bringing a pet home. Start doing your research - visiting pet stores; every word becomes a potential pet name. Also in stage 4 - you begin to visualize every pet you see in your OWN home.

Stage 5: You have decided it is time - start the paper work; get down to business - you are diving in!

Stage 6: Wait in anticipation and plan

Stage 7: adoption day - excitement combines with fear and anxiety - can sometimes feel like judgement day mixed with easter

There you is easy as that. So my question for you....what Baby Itch Stage are you??



The Honas Clan said...

Well Tonya, Even though I have two kids already....I still want that little girl...just like every other female does. So I guess...according to your stages of baby itches...I'm in stage 4/5. We are planning on starting to try for #3 in July. There are times when I look at the boys and say my gosh am I ready for another??? But then there are parts of me that say I am ready and that I want another kid. But I do agree that there are stages of Baby itches! I'm glad you shared this!


Alexanders said...

You left the stage out where you plan to watch from afar but you wake up in the middle of the dang cute fuzzy animals and realize you skipped the paperwork and went straight to the adoption part. Ha Whoops. Aww. Blessing in disguise.

Steph said...

Hey Tonya...I responded to your comment in my comment section...but just in case you don't go back to check...

It's a tie...David Copperfield by Charles Dickens and (of course) Pride and Prejudice by the lovely Ms. Austen :)

Why do you ask?

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14