Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little bit of this and that.....

Let me begin by saying......


Can't wait to celebrate this weekend!! :) Hope you have a FABULOUS day today!


This past weekend was filled with all sorts of randon and fun activities.

Saturday Morning Erika and I headed to what we thought was Pecan Grove in Sugar Land to attend a Baby Shower Brunch for our friend Megan. We went to Middle School and High School with Megan and we all also went to A&M. Growing up we called Megan spastic gumby because she was super flexible and ALWAYS very spastic. It was so good to see her. She looks wonderful and will welcome little Grabriella Joy (they are going to call her Ella) in early June.

Megs and I at the shower

Megan and Erika

My sister in law, Amanda bought me this cookbook for Christmas. It has TONS of good recipes in it, but because Alex and I have pretty much stopped eating pasta, I havent have a lot of opportunities to use it yet.
Well this past Friday we had our neighbors, Ryan and Kimberly over for dinner and I made THREE recipes from the book.
I made the following: (I can't remember the exact names)
Pasta: A Walnut Parsley Pesto Capellini with peppers and chicken
Side: Anytime Salad - edamame, green beans and tomatoes
Bread: Sweet Basalmic Glaze -- basalmic and sugar -- it was REALLY good
Pasta and the Anytime Salad

Oh so yummy Bread
I need to work on my drizzling abilities (seriously how do you drizzle)

It all turned out AMAZING!! Took me forever as most of my recipes do, but oh so GOOD!! Thanks so much Amanda. I can't wait to try the next recipe.


Last weekend we also went to the Rodeo Cookoff. One of our neighbors owns Bronx Bar, so we were able to go their tent at the cook off. We also got to spend time with Philip, one of Alex's friends from college. Traffic was so bad on the way, that we were spending A LOT of quality time -- like 2 hours worth!

Kimberly and I at the cook off.

Alex and Philip


This next weekend will be EVEN better than last weekend....this weekend is birthday celebration weekend. :) Mom will be at the house when i get home today and then the celebrating will begin. (I asked Mom to come in town and spend the day with me tomorrow for my birthday, so we are having a girls day and I can't wait!!)
Tonight: Dinner at the house with Mom -- I am making a healthy chicken chili
Tomorrow: Girls Day with Mom
Tomorrow Night: Dinner and Dessert with the Family
Saturday Morning: Birthday Run with Catherine -- I will NOT be getting us lost this time Cat!!
Saturday Afternoon: Get to see SONIA!! :)
Saturday Evening: Stacey and Tonya Birthday Celebration :)
Sunday: Time change :( haha -- going to be sleepy

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm beautiful Texas weather. Why would you live anywhere else??


Stacey said...

thanks! and happy birthday to you too! can't wait for Stace Face and T-Bone bday celebration 2k9! love you!

The Sutherlands said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!! Isn't married life wonderful!!! Now we just need to get you one of these things that Justin and I are going to have in about a week!!! It was so good to see you at the shower, and I LOVE THAT little Lady Bug outfit!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you! We will let you know when Gracelee gets here!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14