Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary - a day late

I wanted to write this post yesterday, but didn't end up having time in my day to do here is my anniversary post - a day late. :)

Two years ago I experienced the best day of my life that was the starting point of Alex and my wonderful life together. Even though I thought I loved Alex as much as humanly possible on the day of our marriage, over the last two years that love has grown and continues to grow with each passing day. I feel so blessed that God has brought us together and that we are able to go through the rest of our lives together. I love knowing that all of our ups and downs will be spent together. That we can grow in the Lord together and learn to be parents one day together. With every passing day I grow more and more attached to this wonderful, funny, encouraging, challenging, hard-working, providing husband of mine. Alex is my perfect match and I am so grateful that God knew my needs before I knew my needs and created Alex for me. Thanks so much sweetheart for being everything I need you to be. I love you more than I knew I could. :)

Our wedding was so special because it began our marriage, but it was also very special because it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Let's take a look back at the amazing day!! (if you are sick of hearing about my wedding then quit reading)

What: Celebration of the Marriage of Tonya and Alex
Who: the families and friends who are excited to celebrate that this couple is FINALLY getting married after dating 7 YEARS!!!
Ceremony - St. Paul's Methodist Church in Museum District of Houston, TX
Reception - Hobby Center Lobby in Theater District in Houston, TX
Why??? -- because who doesn't love a great party?? :)

SHOUT OUTS (gotta give credit where credit is due)
Wedding Planner: Lauren Macqueen (Master Plan Events)
Photographer: Craig @ Studio 563
Band: Fried Ice Cream -- AMAZING!!!!!! made the night a success.....if you can -- HIRE THEM. THey are awesome...can't say enough good things about them. :)

St. Paul's Methodist

A BEAUTIFUL church to get married in
Heading into the Chapel

First Picture of the now married Alex and Tonya Leiva

Reading my letter from Alex before the ceremony

Alex reading my letter

(side note: I knew it would be silent when he opened the letter, so I gave him one of those singing cards that sang "Ow I feel good" when you opened it)

Our wedding party

Me and my Girls

(Left to right: Katherine - now married and pregnant; Amanda - now married; Bri - now married and living in South Africa; Erika - now married; Lori - now married and pregnant)

So much has changed in 2 years

Alex and his wonderful Family

(George - engaged and getting married in ONE week and a daddy; Sonia and Mauri - now living in Colombia; Danny)

Mom and Dad

Still retired and happy :)

Spencer and I before heading to the church

My wedding shoes(back) and receptions shoes (front)

Our first dance

(I know this is blurry, but I just love the joy beaming from both our faces)

Smooches outside the chapel

Scott and I cutting a rug

Jose was teaching my bridesmaids some moves
Lead Singer of Fried Ice Cream

(they are AMAZING -- they play at Sullivans Ringside in Houston a lot, so go listen to them if you can!!)
(Skyy - other lead singer)

Ah. Sweet love

And they lived happily ever after......

It is the best day of my life and a great beginning to our life together. It wouldn't have been near as special if so many of our friends and family weren't there to celebrate with us and excited for us, so thanks to everyone who attended - it sincerely meant SO MUCH to us that you were there.
Have a great week!!



Your pictures are amazing! They make me sad that I didnt get a better photographer....

Stacey said...

aww. i love it! i loved seeing the pics. y'all are so wonderful. happy anniversary!!

Jenn said...

ah! I loved this post!!!

Thanks for the update on all your friends ... thats crazy how much has changed in 2 years.

you're wedding was one of the best i've been to. and that says a lot. haha.

love you both!

Gabe and Megan said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! It's it fun to relive that wonderful day! I am so happy for you're simply wonderful!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14