Friday, November 14, 2008

Lots to Update on !!! - can you make it to the end?

First of all, I KNEW having a camera would spice up my blogging....get ready for a VERY LONG blog update....but worth making to the end.

This is where Spencer goes while we are getting ready....our dry cleaning basket


Like I have mentioned, we have an Annual Christmas Progressive Dinner coming up with our neighbors. Since our party has grown to TWENTY people, this year we decided to paint wine glasses so we wouldnt dirty 20 glasses at each of the 7 stops.

Here are the glasses pre-paint....

Thanks Kimberly for opening your home and feeding us. :)
Here is my finished product....mine has Holly and a T on it. Alex's has a golf club and an A on it.
Painting was SO much fun. I definately think I will improve next time. It was the first Girls Night with our street, and it was a success!!
Last Saturday night we went to the Foundation Room at House of Blues for our neighbor Julie's Birthday. This place is INSANE. It is decorated like an Indian Palace. All the walls are covered with quilted pieces of Hindu wedding dresses....SO BEAUTIFUL!! We kept having to remind ourselves that we were in Houston.

Hubs and I

Kimberly and I with statue of some god

You have to be a VIP member to go to the Foundation Room, so that will most likely be our first and last visit there, but it was fun while it lasted!!

Last Friday night, Catherine and I threw a surprise going away party for Bri and Josh. They are moving to South Africa on January 5th. We decorated everything fall-esk and the weather cooperated and was COLD!! We had some of their favorite things, friends, food, coffee, a movie in the park and games. :)
We will miss you guys so much and wanted to have a night to let you know how special you are and how much we love you!

Me and Spency at the Party
He was cold, so I put him under the blanket

Co-Planner and her hubs!
Thanks for all your help Mike!

Some of the girls at the party!
(Drea, Bri, me, Cat and Steph)

Me and my BF

For using very simple decorations, we were really impressed with ourselves

And the MAIN EVENT of this blog......................
Alex's Birthday Celebration!
Alex's birthday is today, so last night we went to a wine bar near our house called The Corkscrew. This place was WONDERFUL and the food is great and the drinks are very reasonably priced. One of the owners Doyle was so much fun. We all left feeling like we had found our new hang out. Thank you to everyone who came last was SO MUCH FUN!!!! (you will see how much fun we had through the next pics)
The pics got all mixed up, but I am not about to spend time organizing, so please mind my chaos. The best surprise of the night was when doyle came into the room we were in and said...."You are in luck, we have karaoke tonight!" haha....We had a lot of people that LOVE karaoke, so we totally took over the karaoke room.

Alex and Ryan enjoying a little karaoke

Erika being entertaining as usual
(seriously I have more pics of Erika doing random things, but looking cute
than I do of Alex and I)

Hmm....what song shall we sing.
Perfect! Killing me softly. haha


Amanda and Erika were up next singing, I will Survive

They had a little choreography

Most of the gang from last night
Melissa, Ryan, Kimberly, Joel, Phillip, Erika and Kelley

Mikey started off the evening with his classic -- Neil Diamond
Sweet Caroline

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
You are so special to me

Me, Sister and Teeks
(dangerous combination)

haha...ok so I told Mikey we should act like TOURISTS
not sure what tourists act like statues, but whatever

Oh Mikey

Blowing out his birthday cake
It is a Cougar Monster

Yummy pizza

We got to see Karen too which is always a blessing
Philip and Mikey even got the Birthday Boy to sing a little Frank Sinatra
Come Fly with Me

He is so cute.

What a great Birthday :)

Happy Birthday to the best man I know. My life is better because you are in it and I am so grateful for that. I love you and hope you have a wonderful day today playing golf.

la FIN


Kona and Dixie said...

ok. Numero uno. Love the new layout.
Numer dos. What?!? Seriously. I look at myself in some pictures and that is all I can say.
On the other had, I never fail to have a good time. So what if I look ridiculous in the process?

Kona and Dixie said...

haha...Kona a Dixie are posting on your blog.

Kimberly said...

Your blog is awesome! Nice work uploading pics from last night so quickly. I'm very impressed. We've all had a pretty busy past couple of weeks, but it's been great getting to hang out so much.

Jenn said...

yay! we love alex! happy birthday friend. I'm glad you guys had a great time! looks like you are having a week long birthday celebration!

oh and steph - your green jacket is adorable.

The Carpenter Life said...

Tonya, I love your blog and seeing you are up to! Looks like life is treating you well! Hope yall have a great Thanksgiving!!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14