Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recovering from Ike

This was me yesterday along with 85% of the rest of Houston.....I guess everyone is heading back to work, because traffic on the ride home inside the loop was OUT OF CONTROL. Literally every highway, main street and side street was bumper to bumper going BOTH directions!! Seriously..where did all these people come from? I blame all the blinking lights. On that note, I have a question, if the lights are blinking we have power. So why can't they just fix the lights to work??

I don't want to complain because Centerpoint has done a wonderful job restoring power. We still don't have any, but should by the end of the week. The poor people working for Centerpoint are working AROUND the clock, while trying to recover from Ike on their own. Thank you Centerpoint for your diligence.

So, back to the traffic last night. I was frustrated like everyone else, but when traffic is that bad...what are you going to do about it. So I was just praying that people would stay calm.

While I was on Westheimer last night, I noticed something strange in my rear-view mirror. The woman in the Camry behind me was licking the lid to an ice cream container. One like those pictured above. She was going at it too. Every couple minutes she would put the lid down, only to pick it back up with MORE ice cream on it. I realized...she is using the lid as a scooping device!!! This led me to the following thoughts.....

1. We are not moving AT ALL and are no where close to a grocery store...Where did she buy the ice cream?
2. WHY would you buy ice cream when traffic is out of control??
3. WHY is her dark red lipstick STILL on with all that licking and wiping with a napkin???

I am sure she did groceries and was not anticipating the traffic, but it was still a very humorous 10 minutes for me.

I hope you all survived the traffic. I hope it is better today. :)

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Jenn said...

hahahaha thats funny.

i came to houston on monday night to meet my brother's girlfriend at uptown park cafe express .... i sat at the light on san felipe FIVE times through and didn't move forward.

i was like "man - i must be adjusting to small town life because i NEVER remember traffic being this bad ..."

and then ashley told me it was cause of all the Ike business. but geese - i felt like i needed some icecream or something.


"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14