Friday, August 8, 2008

Mother-Daughter Trip

Last weekend, Mom, Amanda and I went on our first annual Mother-Daughter Trip. We went to Canton outside of Dallas to do some SHOPPING!! None of us had ever been to Canton, so we didn't know what to expect. We went without expectations, but knew that if nothing else it would be a very fun weekend.

Well.....after having been. Canton is AMAZING!! There is SO much stuff. It was actually very overwhelming because they had everything from used fishing gear to clothing to home decorations to furniture to food to name it, it was probably there.

We all walked away with a few good finds. I think next time, we will go with more of a mission in mind. It was definately worth the trip though.

We didn't take a lot of pictures, mostly because of the heat. We shoud have taken one with all of our finds. My favorite thing I got was my pumpkin decoration for our front yard. The one thing that I know Amanda and I enjoyed was all the food samples. We all came home with at least 2 cheese mixes or soup mixes. That was fun!

Mom and I at lunch in Palestine on the way to Canton
We stayed at the Longbranch Hotel in Canton, which is a little hotel right on the Trade Grounds. The owners are very sweet people but definately very country. Each of their rooms were themed. We stayed in the 'Timber Wilde' room and man was it ever WILD!

This is one of the FOUR beds in this room. The zebras were on the tv stand and night stand. Also in this room but not pictured: Monkey Lamp, Lion Lamp, Bison, GIANT wood cow/goat.

Although this room was a little over the was a great location and the owners were wonderful. They got up every morning and made everyone breakfast and had snacks and drinks in the fridge all day for any of its guests. I would definately recommend staying here, but be in the mind set of staying in a cabin more than a hotel.

All three of us -- it was a great weekend!!

Most Memorable Story of the weekend:

Saturday Night we were in bed sleeping and at 11:15 PM I wake up hearing someone messing with our door knob. They were messing with the door knob for like 10 minutes, so I thought maybe they were trying to break in. Since this hotel is motel style, where the doors open to the outside, there was NO telling who would be at the door. So I woke up Mom asking her is she heard the noise coming from the door. They kept messing with the knob, so finally i was like "Mom!! DO SOMETHING!!" (Funny how I am 25 years old, but my first reaction when I am afraid is to run to my Mama!) My Mom being the brave woman that she is got up, grabbed her sandal as a weapon and went to peak out the blinds. (She said her plan was to hit them with the ceramic zebra by the door) It turned out it was the owners daughters who had come in from out of town. The owner had told them the wrong room on accident. So all is well, but it was still an eventful night.


Today is a VERY fun Friday. We have a half day today in the accounting group for a good audit report and have a lunch to celebrate. Then at 3 I am getting a much needed massage. Then tonight is GIRLS NIGHT!! We are going to Pappasito's and then going to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I am really excited and we have a great group of girls coming to Girls Night. Hopefully there will be A LOT of laughing. :)

Have a great weekend!


The Sutherlands said...

looks like sooooooo much fun! Ya'll are so cute, and I would have definitely freaked out with the door thing too!!! No worries about not being brave.... I am the one who only lives a mile and a half away from my momma! Hahaha!!! See ya tuesday! Have a great time tonight!!!! I will miss ya'll!

Steph said...

sounds like y'all had fun. i haven't been to canton yet. i need (err...want) to go. have you been to round top yet? it's my favorite place in all the world. twice a year they have a HUGE antique festival for about 2 weeks or so. miles and miles of glorious antiques. it's coming up in should go! I'll be there! :)

The Olson's said...

that cow/bison/goat still haunts me at night.

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14