Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, as I do every Wednesday...I watched 'So You Think You Can Dance' last night. And I officially have my favorite for the season............


I have liked him all along, but I was not a Jessica fan, so their pairing was a little frustrating. Well last night he was paired with Katee and they did a great broadway routine and then an AMAZING Pas De Deux. It was fabulous. I don't think it is even fair to compare them to the other couples, because no one else on the show could have handled that routine other than Katee and Will. Not to mention it was done to David Archuleta's version of 'Imagine' from American Idol, which was Alex and my favorite performance on Idol. If you haven't heard it, listen to is FABULOUS!

I really hope Will wins this season. I have never voted before, but I might have to start because he is just a ridiculous dancer. I will definately be re-watching the Pas De Deux again tonight.

Here are my favorites from BEST to WORST:

1. Will

2. Katee

3. Twitch

4. Joshua

5. Courtney

6. Chelsi

7. Gev

8. Kherrington

9. Mark

10. Comfort

**Sorry I numbered completely wrong the first time. :)

Any other avid watcher's out there?? Who are your faves?


Bri Westbury said...

I haven't watched last nights yet, but everyone at work has been raving about Will! On my list I put Chelsi Hightower above Courtney--her facial expressions are so great she really becomes the story and character of the dance! I can't wait to watch it tonight!

Erika Waters said...

ok, so I totally agree that comfort is at the bottom, but I have a close tie between Will and Josh (who you left off your list by the way). Of the top ten, my list is as follows:
1. Will/Josh
2. Katee
3. Chelsi
4. Courtney
5. Twitch
6. Gev
8. Kherrington (also not on your list)
9. Comfort
I really like Kherrington when she was with twitch but I think she looks frantic when she dances...her chest is kind of caved in and arms are a little wild. She is super cute though. Judging by last night's performances, I wouldn't be surprised to see her go home...her and Mark actually. Although I think it should be Comfort, especially since she was already booted off once! She did perform her hip hop routine and solo well last night though.
And I totally think you should vote. Michael and I do...almost every week!

Erika Waters said...

so on second readng of your blog, kherrington is there and so is josh...who are you missing? shouldn't there be 10? why is your list only numbered to 8?

Erika Waters said...

ok I get have people tied and numbered them the it

Alex & Tonya said...

My list is fixed now. :) Sorry to stress you out Teeks.

Mikey said...

Just FYI...I am a SYTYCD expert judge. Just ask Erika.

And Josh will win, based on my expert judging.

lk said...

Hi there, just found the blog -- so excited to reconnect this way. I actually went to see SYTYCD's first taping when I was in LA (so good!!) But sadly, I moved right after that and haven't gotten around to getting cable yet...but then my favorites were Twitch, Comfort.

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14