Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleepy Heads

We watched Scott and Amanda's dogs this weekend. They have got to be two of the cutest sleepers ever. Brenna definately gets sleepy eyes (she is the black and white one). She tries to keep her head up, but ends up swaying cause she is falling asleep. She was my snuggle buddy all weekend.

Here is Sleepy Brenna - so cute.

Bailey is precious because she burrows herself into blankets. Spencer likes to burrow too, but usually needs assistance. Bailey can manage to get herself under the blanket completely without any help. We seriously found her burrowed at least 4 different times under 4 different blankets!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

But we did not sleep ALL weekend. There was a lot of playing going on at the Leiva House and Spencer rekindled his romance with Brenna. (he had ditched her once Bailey came around)

Tug of War with the Tramp
(used to be Tramp from Lady and the Tramp)

Spencer was about to run up the bed and play with the Bailey Boo and Brenners. :)

Bailey fell in love with this little blue ball. She had it ALL weekend. She kept rolling it under our bed and then would whine until we got it back out again.

Spencer thoroughly enjoyed having his cousins over for the weekend. He was pretty worn out last night though. They wore him out. :)


Bri Westbury said...

TOOO CUTE! I love pups! If I were a dog I think I would probably be Brenna, sleepy eyes, can't keep my head up, not so graceful-you know.

The Olson's said...

thank you guys so much! they were so sleepy all day yesterday, so I know they had too much fun!! love!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14