Monday, February 11, 2008


So far, February is starting off with a bang. There are many exciting things going on and more than that....I am just in awe of the little things that God is doing/has done for me. He is such a wonderful God and his majesty is beyond my comrpehension, yet he works out every detail of every day of my life and aside from guiding me each step, he allows for small joys. It just fills my heart at the thought of what a loving and caring God we serve. Thank you God for caring for us enough to want us to be enjoy life. Thank you for the little things.

Celebration #1: Bri's Birthday

Bri wanted to have a game night for her birthday. She had it all planned out. We would play Pop 5 as a group, then split up to play other games and then it was Wii Time!!

Here is Bri's all set up and ready to play Pop 5!

Alex and Bri -- Game Time

Deep In Thought....what would Jenny think was most difficult?!?!

Celebration #2: Erika's 25th Birthday

Erika and I have been friends since 4th grade....we were friends every other year. ;) She and Mikey, her husband, are very valued friends to Alex and I, so it was VERY fun to celebrate this big day with her.

Some Bible Study girls celebrating with Erika (I can guarantee that this candles will make a re-appearance for all Bible Study related Birthdays)

Jennifer, Erin, Erika & Amanda

We went to Howl at the Moon for Teeks Birthday Celebration

She even got up on stage and they sang to her.

(I have been told they got her up there again after I left.)

Happy Birthday Teeks! I love you!

Celebration #3: Kat's Big Day

One of my bridesmaids Katherine is getting married in 18 days!! It is always exciting when your friend is marrying their perfect match. I am SO excited Kat!! I can't wait!!

Kat's Bridal Shower in Dallas

Kat & Her Jelly Roll (long story)

Kat's Bachelorette Party in Dallas

Isn't she a beauty!

Billy made a guest appearance :)

The bachelorette is ready to go!

Have a great day!! Thanks for making it through this long update!


The Olson's said...

i love it!! how did you get the picture so big at the top??

Steph said...

Cute pics! Your blog looks awesome! I love the center did you do that?!

Alex & Tonya said...

there is a website called and it has TONS of templates. This one did the center panel on its own. I love your new blog. That was my favorite pic too. :)

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14