Friday, January 11, 2008

Good-bye 2007!

Well we said good-bye to 2007 in style on a CRUISE! It was wonderful to spend time with Erika and Mikey and we also made new friends, Megan and Gabe. We have a wonderful, relaxing vacation....but were ready to get back to real life and a semi-normal schedule.


I have to admit, after we counted down...I cried a little. :( 2007 was the best year of my life so far and saying good-bye was sad and exciting at the same time. Our wedding year is over...I loved my wedding day so was just sad for a moment to say good bye to it. (I actually looked at our wedding book last weekend and told Alex that i wanted to do it again!) But I got over the sad moment, and got excited about all the things we have to look forward too.

The Boys at the Cigar Bar - checking out the merchandise

The Girls on the Lido Deck

One night on the cruise we did Ladies Night at the Spa and got facials and body treatments and one free product. We all picked the Cellulite Remover - which we learned also helps with sore muscles and indigestion. :)

My very GQ Husband

Grand Cayman


The Whole Gang at Dinner

Our waiters were Romie and Jay

Good-bye 2007 -- what a great year!!


Jenn said...

did you not know megan before you went? that's so fun. i know her through someone ... i think maybe bri.
did you randomly meet her on the cruise?

yay to a great year and a beautiful cruise!

Alex said...

No, I went to MS and HS with her, but we never really hung out in she is like a re-newed friendship and we hadn't ever hung out with Gabe.

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14