Thursday, May 22, 2014

Journey to Health: Week 3 and Week 4

Work and life has been super busy the last two weeks, so I am behind on my health updates.  Overall, Week 3 and 4 have been successful weeks.  I am getting into a rhythm and the result WILL be a total of 25 pounds down or a pregnancy which ever God decides to help me out with. 

Week 3:
  • Weight (Up or Down): DOWN! 1.4 pounds  --- 4.4 pounds in total --- so close to my 5 pound goal!
  • Exercised? -- yes, but a reduced amount.  Walked a good amount
  • Track on My Fitness Pal -- really bad about tracking, but stuck to lower calories for the week
  • No Sodas -- Fail -- had soda but not every day

Week 4:
  • Weight (Up or Down): DOWN! 2.4 pounds -- so if you have been paying attention......

I MET MY 5 POUND GOAL BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY!!!  Plus, I also knocked down from being in the 150s to the 14_s!!!  Always fun to see a new second number on the scale.  :)

I am sitting 6.8 pounds down in 4 weeks.  Not super aggressive weightloss, but I have been able to get stronger, handle a very crazy work schedule, deal with doctor visits and more fertility discussions, drink wine from time to time AND still lose 7 pounds. I will take it!!

Here are my new short time goals:
  • I am attending a wedding on June 21st, so 4 weeks from now.  My goal is to be down 12-15 pounds total, so want to lose another 5 to 8 pounds.  (keep in  mind, I always have the caveat that if I get pregnant, this goal will obviously we are starting some new fertility procedures where doctors are telling me to take it easier and not overdo on exercise and are emotional to me, so my focus is not weight loss over everything else)
  • Be able to comfortably wear these red capris to work.  I can currently button them, but they are not comfortable at this point.
How is your health journey going?  Any goals met?  Any new goals in place?  I would love to know who I am taking this journey with!

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14