Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflecting on a very topsy turvy year.....

I am sitting here on the beginning of 2014 wanting to blog about my hopes for 2014, but cannot because of this nagging in my gut begging me to take a minute and reflect on 2013.  So, here we go.....

2013 was a year that started out with a crazy amount of potential of many answered prayers.  As the year went on and things did not go as hoped, I left the year worn out, grateful mind you, but worn out.

Here is a month by month recap.......


We started out celebrating 2013 at The Houstonian.  It was a great start to the year and we really enjoyed ourselves! We also spent January getting the house ready to list, wondering if our house would sell, how fast and how in the world we would find a new home in one of the most demanded areas of Houston.


February the house was listed on Thursday and by Sunday, we had 7 offers to choose between.  We were SHOCKED!  We also celebrated Erika entering the 30s as well as my Mom.  We went to brunch for Valentine's Day/Mom's birthday at Backstreet Cafe.


A VERY eventful month.  In one week, I turned 30, we found out we were pregnant and also met the builder and lot of our future home!!!


In April, we had the honor of telling our parents we were pregnant (picture below :) )  The following week we also closed on the sale of our home, moved and unfortunately miscarried.  Another crazy week.


In May we were able to watch one of Alex's cousins graduate from college and spent quality time with family.  We enjoyed the beginnings of summer.  We spent Memorial Day at Mom and Dad's short lived stay at the condo in HSB with the neighbor who had a pet Lemur.  :)


We had 4 pregnancies in our bible study this year.  Below are three of the four....Jennifer was missing this night.  I don't really remember much specific from June, so I am using June as a tribute to the new babies.  So far we have welcomed Baby Truett, Baby Carter and Baby Madelyn.  Jennifer is due in the spring with a baby boy or baby girl.  I can not wait to find out!!!


July was a wonderful month.  I started off the month going to the Dominican Republic.  Such a wonderful trip.  Such beautiful little children.  I really loved it and can't wait to go back.  be still my heart -- you will be back there soon enough!!

In July I also went back to Branson, MO with the youth group at our church.  I was able to spend the whole week with these precious girls below.  I have been so blessed to teach these girls on Sundays.  I love them and am anxious to start back up THIS Sunday after the holidays.  If you have ever concerned youth ministry and didn't jump into it, do it.  It is such a blessing and a challenge.  I love every bit of it.  It helps that my girls are amazing.  :)


Amanda and I spent a weekend in Panama City Beach before she started school.  We spent a lot of time at the beach and stayed up late talking and just enjoyed being "sisters".  We also MAY have left the lights on the VW Bug we rented on Sat night and had to have it jumped on Monday.  We also may have had to ask someone to jump it two seperate times.  It was a true girls trip including car trouble.  :)  It all worked out.  


We enjoyed Labor Day weekend in HSB again, but this time at Mom and Dad's new beautiful is that view from their patio??

September also marks the beginning of of Football Season.  We went to San Antonio this year for the UH game and brought Jose and Alyssa.  It was a really fun weekend and I am glad we were able to spend the weekend with Jose before he goes off an graduates in May.  (stop crying Maggie!)  We spent our last day in San Antonio in Seaworld and wore this four year old out!


October sent The Leivas traveling again.  We took a 10 day hiatus from work and chaos and spent a few days in Orlando and then a few days in Bogota visiting Alex's Mom and Step Dad.  The Disney part of the trip was totally impromptu and I still kind of can't believe we went.  We through that part of the trip in 3 weeks before leaving.  We normally have committed our trips out over a year in advance.  It was a great trip though...lots of great quality time with the hubby. 

Every time we go to Bogota I like it more and more.  BEAUTIFUL scenery, lots of great food, lots of walking....lots of ice cream (seriously they sell ice cream there like starbucks here)  We had a fabulous visit.  Hope to make it back in 2014 or 2015.

We had never gone to Disney in the fall and it was awesome.  NO LINES....seriously NO LINES.  In the future, my kids will be pulled from school so we can go in the fall.  :)  


My photos in November are not a good representation of the month.  Here is my only pic from Thanksgiving. haha  Lady was trying to lay up on the top of the couch like Spencer.  Silly girl.  We have actually seen a cool fall for Texas this year to the point that I am now ready for March -- the most beautiful month in Houston!  

Sonia was here in November, so we enjoyed her company most of the month.


This Christmas was my favorite one as an adult....and nothing super out of the ordinary occurred.  Just a LOT of great family time.  Quality time.  

Here we are....2014.  I expect great things from 2014.  Another move, maybe a baby (not pregnant yet, but hoping 2014 will bring a pregnancy), lots of spiritual growth I hope.  I LOVE the beginning of the year -- its a clean slate....with a world of opportunities in front of me.  This is where the dreamer in me runs wild.

Happy New Year!!

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14