Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dominican: Day 2

We spent our first full day in the Dominican Republic doing construction.  G.O. is building a new medical facility in the old location of their church.  It will have room for their clinic, as well as as place to store all the vitamins and medicine.  Additionally, they will have rooms where they can do eye exams etc and a floor for the medical teams that volunteer to stay.  The clinic currently will not turn anyone away and offers assistance as they can.  Many people in Santiago would typically go without treatment due to the cost of the visits to the clinic.  GO requires a 40 peso payment, but will not turn people away if they can not pay.  I really look forward to seeing the progress on this facility.

Here are some pics of the construction site.  They were in the process of installing French Drains around the facility to assist with flooding during hurricane season, so we spent all day Wednesday moving gravel to cover the drains.  My friend Tammy and I spent the whole day schlepping buckets of gravel across the plank.  I lovingly named her "Bossy Bucket".

We worked HARD during those construction days.  Made me grateful that I wasn't pregnant, because I wouldn't have been able to do much!  The kids worked SO hard too!!

My co-workers Kelvin and Eileen with Hannah, Chase and Jalen. Shoveling gravel. 

Me, Alexis and Chelsie with the gravel train

Great picture of the gravel train from the "Plank" to the pile of gravel

The Fransham girls...OMG these girls are hilarious!
Jenn, Amanda(the one in the UTshirt) is the one that lives in Culver City!

Our team leader Mike on the plank

Tammy walking the plank of gravel

Ann is on the receiving end from the plank

Me walking the plank...it was actually kind of fun. I only tripped once and almost fell in the pit. 

Me and Bossy Bucket

This is Goody.  She is going to get her own post at some point.  God allowed us to be fast friends and I get excited every time a text pops up from her

Here is a perfect view of the plank and the pit.

Disgustingly sweaty in this pic, but it was snapped by a 6 year old. :)
 I think he has a future in photography like his mama.
 These are some pics from dinner.  Because the water is not clean in the DR, they have quite the system to help ensure no one gets sick.  You wash your hands with soap and water, then dip in a soapy bowl and then rinse in a bleach bowl.
Jaylan and Amanda at the sink washing station.  We all took turns.

At dinner enjoying the amazing weather.

My co-workers John and Rob at dinner.
Stay tuned for more!

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