Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Landry Wedding Weekend

One of Alex's friends from UH got married this past weekend, so we spent the weekend in Georgetown, north of Austin. We had such a fun weekend. Alex has had to come along to his fair share of weddings with me, so it was nice to go along with him for a change. He was in the wedding, so we had the rehearsal dinner Friday night at The Oasis. I had never been here, but always heard such great things about the view. It definately did not disappoint.

The Gang at Dinner

The Robinsons, The Landry's, Steven and The Leivas

Beautiful Sunset

On Saturday, Alex had wedding festivities with the boys, so I was very lazy and did little to nothing until the wedding. I did get to go to Cheddar's for lunch with Kelley and had the Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, which made me think of A&M and my dining buddy Amanda. :)

The wedding was at a venue called Kindred Oaks. It was beautiful.

The Landry's being announce for the first time.

They are a beautiful couple and so happy. It is always such a joy to attend weddings where the families and the couple are all just ready to celebrate the day finally being here. Seriously, I wish I had a picture of Caitlin during the ceremony...she was the giddy-est bride I have EVER seen. It was really precious. She was just so happy and every time she would look at Philip, this HUGE smile would come to her face.

Here are some pics from the wedding day

The Leivas

The Three Musketeers

We got to see our tailgating buddies.

Alex, Kelli and I

(and Laura and Preston in the background...can't believe I didnt get a pic with them)

Steven and I

(Steven is like my adopted brother)

The Ladies

(Don't mind the sweat sheen on our faces)

So the wedding and reception were all outside. When I first heard this, I was VERY skepitcal that it was going to be ridiculous hot, but it was not that bad. It was definately hot, but not ridiculous.

There was a small room where the cakes were that had AC vents in the floor, so anytime we would get hot, the Kelleys and I would go "visit the cake" which by the end of the night became "cake vent time".

People at the wedding probably thought we were very vain, because we would go stare at ourselves in the mirror below while standing over the cake vent. :)

Kelli, Kelley and I with "Cake Vent"

Cake Vent

There was lots of dancing at the wedding which was a lot of fun.
Steven and the lovely bride, Caitlin

Kelli and the groom

Required UH wedding photo -- we have one of these from our wedding too
L to R: Snoop, Jimmy?(don't know him - ha), Alex, Kelley, Steven, Kyle and Kelli

The Newlyweds - they got married in April

Steven encouraging everyone to 'dougie'

I have a video of this I need to post too.

Dancing dancing
Don't mind my J.Lo bootie

-- work is slowing down now and I went to the gym yesterday....it will be gone shortly.

My camera was apparently hijacked

We are blessed with such great friends and Alex's friends from school are no exception. I had so much fun spending time with them this weekend and it got me ready for football season and tailgating -- which could prove to be challenging because the UH schedule is LAME as far as game days/times. Oh well, we will make the most of it.

Congrats again Caitlin and Philip. Thanks for letting us celebrate your big day with you. I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and pray blessing upon blessings in your marriage.

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