Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Viva Vacation

We went to Vegas last weekend with The Knechts....we planned this trip so long ago we all honestly can't remember when we decided to go. Alex and I tend to plan our trips out super early, which I love because it allows us to anticipate the trip, save up for it and plan out every detail of the trip. (many of our friends think we are crazy, but failing to plan is planning to fail) Jason and Samantha like to plan early too so this worked out well.

One of the biggest blessings of moving to the townhome on Sherwin Street was that God placed Jason and Samantha on our street. They were the very first people we met while the house was being built and its as though God said "You WILL be friends with these people!!" They are a wonderful couple, very generous and a lot of fun. Jason is a big golfer like Alex, so Samantha and I are very grateful they have each other. Many times when all four of us are together, Samantha and I feel like we are imposing on 'Jason & Alex time.' God has developed Samantha and my friendship through our bible study and she has become a very close friend and I am so grateful for her. We went to San Diego with Jason and Samantha back in 2008 (honestly can't believe it was that long ago) and it was a blast, so we have all been anticipating the next Leiva-Knecht trip. Vegas did not disappoint in.the.least.

We stayed at the Encore and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, forgot I was in Vegas and thought I was just at a resort (minus all the smoke and lack of clothing on many of the girls). We arrived early on Friday so that the guys could golf at the Wynn and so Sam and I could get some much needed pool time.

Alex and I above the 18th hole on the Wynn golf course. Alex said the service and the course were both WONDERFUL and he thoroughly enjoyed this course. Apparently, their caddie was phenomenal.

The fun part about Vegas is that you can get dressed up every night and no one thinks anything of it. I loved getting all gussied up. :)

Friday night we ate dinner at Bartalotta in the Wynn. It is an authentic italian seafood restaurant and was soooo good!! We were able to sit at a table outside by the water, so the ambiance totally made the night. We had a relaxed dinner and enjoyed trying some new things and great conversation.

The K-Leivas or L-nechts

(our names don't blend very well)

Hubs and I at dinner

Token Tonya Self Portrait pose :)

(erika always makes fun of me for this pose)

A few cocktails at the Lounge after dinner
After dinner, we gambled a little and lost a little...not a successful gambling night, but a lot of fun. I found a love for teh Wheel of Fortune Slot machine. :)

Saturday was a designated pool day. We reserved a cabana at the pool - and this quickly became everyone's favorite part of the trip. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends in Vegas, so the pool on Saturday was BANANAS!! It was nice to have a cabana and not have to worry about losing our place or anything. Plus, they had a great DJ, so we just enjoyed the music and the sun and relaxing. (and LOTS AND LOTS of people watching)

The Knechts - poolside

Hubs and I poolside

The Cabana

(it was really nice to have some shade too cause it was HOT)

Friday night was the ONLY time the whole weekend we left the Encore/Wynn area and headed over to Aria. We had dinner at Julian Serrano - a great tapas restaurant that one of Jason and Samantha's friend suggested.

After dinner we went to a dessert place they had at Aria. They had all these beautifully decorated desserts which in my opinion, usually are no bueno, but these were really good. Alex and I shared a Trio Cheesecake and it was fabulous.

After our sugar coma, we went to see Viva Elvis, the new Cirque de Soliel at Aria. It was....ok....none of us are die hard Elvis fans and it was a lot of singing and not a lot of Cirque type entertaining. Plus we were all WIPED from being at the pool all day, so we were all fighting staying awake. Carly Smithson from American Idol sings in the show, so it was neat to see her. She was the one from Ireland with the "crazy vocals." Plus I loved the military scene...two things I wish I could do...sing and stomp. :)

Sunday a cold front blew through and it was in the 50s. Fortunately, we had already planned for a spa day for the girls, so it didn't impact us. The guys played golf at Cascata in the 50+ mile per hour winds and made the best of it. That evening we went to dinner at Okada and had sushi. It was AMAZING!! So so good. Following dinner we went to see La Reve which was FANTASTIC. The best Cirque de Soleil of the ones I have seen. It was beautifully artistic and such a neat concept. Just loved it...can't wait to see it again!

This dress is not a romper, not sure why it looks like I am wearing shorts.

We had a blast and I came back exhausted from the trip, but VERY refreshed. I love how getting away can allow us to appreciate the normalcy in life. Thanks to The Knecths for another successful trip. Don't know when, but I think we decided our next destination together will be NYC!!

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I love you too (but you already knew that)! We has a blast with you! NYC 2012!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14