Monday, June 6, 2011

Demo Time

They started demo in our house is starting to feel like we are really renovating this house. I can't WAIT to get all the old carpet, floors, cabinets etc out of this house!!

I need to pick out paint colors in the near future. Anyone have any good websites for browsing as far as paint color schemes go? I am beginning to feel overwhelmed because I have to pick colors for the WHOLE house, which makes me feel like I need to pick a theme for the whole house too.



erin conlon said...

i think behr paint has a good website with fun options and helpful things like "style galleries"....

or... look at all your belongings and choose a color that is consistent throughout (tans? greys? etc). then there's a common thread that can potentially tie your whole house together.

dont let it get to you! haha - it takes time, and just remember its only paint-- we painted a bathroom 5 times before we got what we wanted :)

Alex & Tonya said...

haha --


#1: we dont really have furniture to fill a lot of this house...and no drapes because I had to sell my wonderful drapes with the old we are making up a theme we will then have to add furniture to


#2: according to the hubs, repainting is not an option :)

Whitney said...

I hired an interior designer for 2 hours to come with her paint decks and help me pick a theme for the house. I felt that time was invaluable as she picked tones I wouldn't have picked out, but once we got them in the room and saw it in the specific lighting, they worked great. I really wanted this house to have a cohesive feel and having a designer who knew how to take my ideas and translate it into everyday was very helpful! Plus, I was able to use her discount at Shermin Williams and got my paint for almost the same price as Lowes. So, with that savings and with the knowledge that I would be really happy with the outcome (no re-painting) it made the cost of the 2 hours of the designer's time worth it for me. Good luck!

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