Monday, June 28, 2010

A Tri of a post -- Triathlon; Girls Weekend and a Wedding!!

Sunday I competed (well - not so much competed, but participated) in my first Triathlon. It was SO MUCH FUN and a huge challenge. I am not sure if another one is in my near future, but I really enjoyed the experience. I would like to thank my sponsors for the event - The Ashworths and The Waters. Without Lindsey's bike, pump and tri top, I would have been SOL. I couldn't have competed very well without Erika's tri shorts either. :) So thanks ladies for being so generous.

Here are the best things I got out of the triathlon and/or training experience:
1. I was so blessed to have a huge support group pushing and encouraging me both in person and via text messages and facebook. This tri reminded me of how blessed I am with amazing friends and family.

2. I feel in love with Spin Class. I dont know that i will ever fall in love with cycling -- but I do love spin!! What a great workout!!!

3. God always uses these sort of challenges to teach me about His character; my need for Him to get me through etc.

Alex is always my #1 Fan and coach at the same time. He makes me feel like I can do anything, but pushes me to do it at my best and not settle either. Thanks so much boo!!

My Cheering Squad -- (minus Erika). I heard them cheering the whole way through!! Thanks so much for getting up bright and early for me guys!!!
I also received flowers from Erin and Samantha at work on Friday to wish me luck and had countless texts and facebook messages. Thanks so much for taking the time to encourage me. It really meant a lot.

Family photo -- so blessed with the best brother and sister-in-law. Thanks for always supporting me!! (on both sides of the family :) )

It was a little humid at the beginning of the race....hence the fogged up camera. Me in jail waiting for my turn to start.

A couple weekends ago, we had a girls weekend. I took TWO pics....Linds and Stacey didn't make it in either of them....

We had a great weekend nice to get away and lay by the pool. We all got lots of son and enjoyed the quality time. :)
Me and Teeks

Again at the pool


A couple weekends ago, our friends Don and Karen got married. We have been excited about celebrating with them for quite some time, so it was SO fun to finally get to!!!! Plus they got married at The Hobby Center and had Fried Ice Cream play at their wedding like in addition to celebrating a great marriage, Alex and I got to spend the night also remembering and re-celebrating our marriage three years later. :)
It was SO MUCH FUN and just a great day. I was very honored, because Karen asked me to read scripture in her wedding, so all and all it was a great day!!! Their wedding was gorgeous and a great party. There were quite a few people there from Fellows and PPA (business groups I was in college) so it was fun to see some old faces and catch up a little bit.
Congrats again Don & Karen!! Hope you are enjoying Italia!!

Bride and Groom leaving for the night!!!
(not the best pic, but the only one I got of Don too. )

He was REALLY excited that I was taking yet another self portrait. :)
This is what you get Alex, you mess up the pic, it goes on the blog for the world to see.
He was in a goofy mood that night, cause I have like 4 of these. :)

Me and the beautiful Bride!!!

Hubbins and I -- both a little sunkissed to say the least.
Alex played 36 that day and I was at the pool most of the morning with Katherine and Abigail.

Oh and this church is a little formal, so the two scripture readers and vocalist had to wear robes. :) Always entertaining.
It was SUPER fun to see Jennifer Simar -- we were good friends in High School. It was also nice to get to know Katie Warren a little better. She has the MOST beautiful voice. Check her out at

My picture taking has definately been lacking -- I am working on improving that!! Until next time.


erin conlon said...

last time we wore robes was probably when we were in choir! i still cant really sing. hi jen simar!

Erika Waters said...

I love your self-portrait reminds me of dance team...chin up, eyes wide open and big smile!!! Congrats again on the tri!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14