Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hello!! I am still around...I actually have like 3 or 4 blog posts that I need to put up, I just haven't had time to upload the pictures, so I am starting with the most recent and will fill in the others as I can.

This past weekend we had a whole weekend of Mother's Day celebrations. It was a lot of fun -- we never get to see our families enough, so it was a good way to make us get together.

Saturday we went to lunch at Lopez with Alex's family to celebrate Mother's Day. It was a GREAT day to spend with the family - but was not the same without Sonia in town. She was definately there in spirit though.

While we were at lunch, Maggie (Alex's favorite (*cough* ONLY) aunt) was talking about how for New Year's in 1999 they made a time capsule. At this point Alex was 17, George was 15, Danny was 10, Jose was like 3 maybe....Maggie had everyone write a letter to say where they thought they would be in 10 years. Well this New Year's is the 10 year mark, but since Sonia will not be here for new years, they are going to open the letters on Thanksgiving. I am REALLY curious to see where Alex thought he would be in 10 years, considering he wrote this letter 4 months prior to meeting me. :) He said he is pretty sure at that point he no longer thought he would be a famous soccer player. Anyways, I thought it was neat that they did that. They are going to do another one this Thanksgiving for another 10 years.

Here are some pics from lunch.

Mags and Alex

Alex's Grandma and Grandpa and Alyssa - my little niece monkey

Grandma and Alyssa
I LOVE this pic

Alex and his Grandparents

Jennifer and Adrianna

Me, Alyssa and Jose
I hadn't seen the boys in a LONG TIME!!

Maggie, Anthony and Jose
(Will was at the other end of the table)

Maggie and Alyssa

Friday Night we celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom. Mom and Dad drove in Thursday night through Saturday. We ate dinner at this restaurant called Alexander the Great - Greek Restaurant. It was VERY yummy. They had live music that sounded just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was so much fun!!

The whole Family!!

Me and The Olson ladies

Mom and Dad
Me and Hubs
My wonderful Mama and beautiful sister in law

We hung out at the condo and this was where Skid likes to lay

Saturday night we had dinner with our neighbors Chad and Julie and their daughter Avery. I pulled my camera out to show Julie a picture and Avery saw the camera and automatically started posing. She is precious!! She calls Spencer - Kenser.

Since we really didn't have much going on this past weekend, I was able to get SO MUCH done around the house!! It was awesome. I have a little more cleaning to do before the weekend. One of my closest friends, Katherine, is coming in to visit me from Dallas. She is preggers and this is the first time I have seen her with her baby bump. Can't wait to see you Kat!!!

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