Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh....its a cake!?!?

So, I made my first bundt cake yesterday. I know that they are really just a normal cake in a funny shape, but they have always intimidated me a little. Last Sunday night, we went to our Dinner 8 which is a dinner with 3 other couples from our Sunday School class. Tami made this amazing chocolate cake, so I got the recipe from her and decided to make it last night. We are having my parents and brother over for dinner tonight, so I thought it would be a good dessert to go with Steak and Potatoes. We will see if it compares to how good Tami's was. I always make Alex judge my food and then tell me if it is a re-doer or not.

Every time I hear the word bundt I can't help but think of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Ian's parents bring a bundt cake to a greek family gathering and it goes something like this:

Ian's Mom: "I brought this."
Greek Mama: "What is it?!?" [in a big greek accent]
Ian's Mom: "Its a bundt."
Greek Mama: "A bunnn--t"
Ian's Mom: "BUNDT"
Greek Mama: [slight pause] "Oh.....its a cake!"

Hahah.....I LOVE that part of the movie. I don't know why it is so funny to me...but it makes me laugh every time I hear it. Anytime anyone says bundt I reply with "oh...its a cake" in my best attempt at a greek accent. But I don't think anyone ever gets it.

We have a very FUN weekend coming up!!

Friday Night: Family Dinner
Saturday Morning: Race for the Cure (Mom had breast cancer in 2001, so we go every year with Mom, but this year the boys are coming too!!)
Saturday Evening: Couple's Shower for Lindsey and Adam
Sunday Morning: Church
Sunday Afternoon: Family Dinner with Alex's family (don't worry Bri, I am not going to eat)
Sunday Evening: Fall Dinner at Bri's

I am going to take pictures with my ghetto camera and try and post them next week.



Jasmine said...

Oh you are so cute, Tonya! I miss you and I love reading your blog! We need to do lunch soon & catch up!!

crystal said...

tonya! mark and i LOVE that movie! oh if you only knew how many times that EXACT scene is quoted in our house! i loved seeing you on sunday!

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14