Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Today is Alex's 25th Birthday!! He is a quarter of a century. So OLD!! Haha....I like to give him a hard time because I am 5 months younger. :) I have been anticipating today forever. I don't really know why, Alex and I have gone through 7 of his birthdays now together, so its not like its the FIRST birthday. But it is the first birthday since we have been married. I am making a nice dinner tonight and Alex brought out the little kid in him and requested an Ice Cream Cake for his birthday.

My Handsome Hubby on our Wedding Day

Alex's birthday is also special because he shares it with my Grandpa and Uncle Bob. Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with my parent's, the Bride and Groom to be and my grandparents to celebrate Alex and Grandpa's Birthday. We are going to Taste of Texas! Yum!!!

Three Generations of Olson
Happy Birthday Grandpa

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I truly hope that today makes you feel as special as you are to me. Every day is better because you are a part of it and I thank God for blessing me with a man that is my perfect match and also for a man that makes me laugh ALL the time. :) I love you with all of my heart. - your wife :)

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"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well."

~Psalm 139:14